8 Striped Dresses ...

Striped Dress fashions are ideal for late summer and early fall! Do you own one? If not, you have a great list just ahead of you! No matter you shape, size or style taste, you'll find a striped dress you love from my list. Dresses are probably my favorite item of clothing to wear, and I'll admit that a striped dress can be tricky to pull off. But you'll be sure to find something you love if you just keep reading my list with 8 fabulous striped dresses!

1. Stripes 3/4 Sleeve Dress

Stripes 3/4 Sleeve Dress Price: $11.50 at forever21.com
I'm loving the teal and black combo in this striped dress. It's so fresh yet sophisticated! And this fit will be very flattering no matter your #body type. Can't you just picture it with a pair of great boots?