7 Accessories Every College Girls Needs in Her Wardrobe ...

When it seems that every college girl tends to stick to leggings and sweaters as their classroom uniform, there are some accessories every college girl needs in her wardrobe. Accessories can spice up any outfit and are another way for you to show your personal style. The many accessories every college girl needs range from classic to fun and funky. Whether on your way to class or going to a costume party, these accessories will be a staple part of your wardrobe.

1. Infinity Scarf

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When it gets cold and you get lazy, an infinity scarf is one of the top accessories every college girl needs. It keeps you oh-so cozy when walking from class to class and makes even the blandest outfit look that much more adorable. Regardless of it is printed, sheer, solid, or gigantic, an infinity scarf is a must-have for college girls.

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