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I dread to think of the amount of money I've wasted on clothes I've worn once, or not at all, when I could have been spending it on a few fail-safe clothing items that would last me years. Sparkly dresses that only look good at Christmas in dim lighting and the 'must-have trend of the season' that actually looks ridiculous on anything that is not the catwalk make up my wardrobe graveyard. So, with this in mind, here's what I think every woman should have in her wardrobe - fail-safe clothing items that you can always fall back on, whatever the occasion.

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The Perfect-fit Jeans

The Perfect-fit Jeans This is always a certainty on any fail-safe clothing items list, because they really are that useful! We may not always feel like getting all dressed up in heels and the kind of dress that requires Bridget Jones-style knickers. Jeans can be dressed up, dressed down, they're comfy and they're warm (big deal for me when I'm outside in January, in London). Definitely worth the search.


The Killer Dress

The Killer Dress Having said that, sometimes taking ages to get ready, doing your hair and make-up and putting on an amazing dress is exactly what we need. Choose a dress that you feel wonderful in - make sure it's one that will have you feeling great every time you step out the door and into the party. Nothing is worse than an 'on-trend' dress that makes you feel ridiculous. Go for what you feel comfortable in.


A Good Quality Coat

A Good Quality Coat This is one thing that's worth spending more money on. You'll probably wear it every day, it could last years and, as long as you're outside, it's what everyone sees. Even if you can't find ANYTHING to wear, at least you know that you can put your beautiful coat on top.


A Jazzy Jacket

A Jazzy Jacket My general rule is simple items with one jazzy thing. Or, a statement piece. A jazzy jacket is a great choice because you'll have more options than with, say, a jazzy dress. You can use it to dress up jeans and a top, or you can put it over a dress. Also, I find that, whilst some people may not be comfortable in skirts or dresses, there isn't this problem with jackets or coats, so it may be easier to find one you love.


Go-with-anything Basic Tops

Go-with-anything Basic Tops I have about ten plain white t-shirts. They aren't particularly expensive and you'll be surprised how often you'll find yourself reaching for one. You can wear them under anything, and you can make them into something much more by adding big, bold jewellery (a statement necklace is also really good to have, but I couldn’t fit it on this list!).


A Blazer

A Blazer I'll leave you to decide on the colour (although I would say black, because it goes with everything) but a well-fitting blazer - one that nips you in at the waist - is such a useful thing to have. I wear mine for work, on weekends and over dresses when I go out in the evening.


A Dress-me-up Scarf

If you've only got a small wardrobe, then accessories are especially important - they can completely change an outfit. I think a printed scarf is a great way to liven up any look, and it's not age or weight-determinate.


A Beautiful Set of Lingerie

A Beautiful Set of Lingerie There's no point looking great on the outside if you don't feel like you look great underneath - it'll show. Get a well-fitting (can't emphasise well-fitting enough), pretty matching set that makes you feel as confident in what’s underneath your dress as you do in it.


Shoes Made for Dancing

Shoes Made for Dancing All this talk of neutral colours and basic items can seem a bit boring - so go crazy with your shoes. Buy a pair of beautiful, impractical, whimsical high heels, pair them with one of the aforementioned neutral pieces and dance all night.

In recent years, it seems like we’ve become less concerned with what’s fashionable and more concerned with what’s stylish. The above items all constitute the latter. Don’t worry about what’s on the catwalks – wear what suits you. Have I left any essential items off the list?

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A basic white, button up shirt...for when a tshirt just won't do. I always have a navy blazer/jacket as well. This can dress up the perfect jeans, a pair of chinos, or a gray pair of dress pants. And of course , a pair of gold hoops and a pair of silver hoops.

A pencil skirt with high heels and a nice blouse (crispy white cotton or chic silk) are always stylish, I think.

Love it.!

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