9 Stylish Lightweight Jackets to Steer You through the Change of Seasons ...

Arm yourself for the change in seasons with some fashionable lightweight jackets. Pop one on to make your summer dresses more fall-appropriate or work a cosy layered look for those chillier fall days. From sporty bomber jackets to sleek tailored styles, there’s a lightweight jacket to satisfy all of this season’s hottest trends. Check out our pick of stylish lightweight jackets to see you through the change of seasons.

1. Black and White Gingham Jacket

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Black and white checkerboard patterns are on-trend for the season ahead. Work some checkerboard magic into your wardrobe in the form of this gingham jacket. Wear it with skinny jeans, a t-shirt, and ankle boots for a relaxed β€˜I just threw this together’ type of look. This jacket will set you back around $75 from Modcloth. You can also find similar lightweight jackets on both ends of the price spectrum, from expensive designer numbers by Ace & Jig to more wallet-friendly options from ASOS.

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