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10 Adorably Innocent Outfit Ideas for Easter Lunch with Family ...

By Taylor

Easter Sunday is soon upon us and we ALL know how hard it can be at times finding something to wear when visiting/eating with the family. Trying to find something appropriate yet trendy can be a huge challenge. Hopefully these adorable Easter Sunday outfits will give you an idea or two and inspire you to find the perfect "get-up" for the special holiday!

1 Spring COlors

clothing,dress,beauty,quinceañera,fashion, Love this dress for Easter and springtime.
clothing,dress,day dress,sleeve,cocktail dress, Dress: Price: $47


pink,woman,dress,clothing,wedding dress, If you aren't a fan of the bright colors, you can always accessorize with "spring-like" prints. Like this bag for example; the bright pink looks great with the whites.
bag,handbag,pink,shoulder bag,magenta, Bag: Price: $178

3 Keep It Casual

color,yellow,photograph,clothing,blue, Keep it cute and casual this Easter with denim skirt, an eye-catching top and flats. The simple makeup and accessories look great too!
yellow,clothing,sleeve,pattern,peach, denim,jeans,clothing,pocket,textile, footwear,brown,shoe,leather,leg, Top: Price: $105
Shoes: Price: $94.95
Skirt: Price: $88

4 Maxi Skirt

clothing,dress,gown,bride,fashion, Nothing says spring time more than a maxi skirt. They're so comfortable and fun! Love the color of this one.
clothing,pattern,design,abdomen,magenta, Skirt: Price: $128.00

5 Colored Jeans

clothing,footwear,spring,fashion,leg, Try out some colored jeans even! These colors go great together. This outfit is adorable!
jeans,clothing,pink,denim,pocket, Jeans: Price: $79

6 Shorts

color,blue,photograph,person,human positions, If the weather is warm enough you could even try out some cute shorts.
denim,clothing,shorts,jeans,pocket, Boyfriend Shorts Price: $39

7 Statement Necklace

clothing,sleeve,spring,fashion,season, Almost any Easter outfit will look gorgeous with a statement necklace, like this one.
jewellery,necklace,fashion accessory,chain,pearl, Necklace: Price: $68

8 Printed Skirt

clothing,yellow,dress,fashion,spring, A printed skirt is GENIUS. So cute and perfect for Easter Sunday!
clothing,day dress,dress,sleeve,pattern, Skirt: Price: $49

9 Something Khaki

hair,clothing,person,hairstyle,photography, Who says khakis are only for the office?
clothing,sleeve,t shirt,blouse,neck, Top: Price: $33

10 A Wrap Dress

clothing,dress,beauty,spring,fashion, Nothing says "class" than a classic wrap dress. This color is sure to get everyone's attention!
clothing,day dress,dress,sleeve,cocktail dress, Dress: Price: $75.99

These outfits are all perfect for Easter Sunday! What are you planning on wearing for the holiday with the family? Happy Easter!

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