25 Flirty First Date Outfits to Set the Mood ...


25 Flirty First Date Outfits to Set the Mood ...
25 Flirty First Date Outfits to Set the Mood ...

Trying to put an outfit together for a first date can sometimes be even more work than the first date itself. Take the days of agony out of the equation by pulling some outfit inspiration from this list! You'll be ready for your next first date in no time!

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Casual Sweater with a Chic Purse

What I love most about this outfit is that the sweater is quite casual, but she dressed it up with the perfect accessories to create a chic first date look!


This outfit is perfect for a first date; the casual sweater is comfortable and stylish, and the chic purse adds a touch of sophistication. The combination of the two creates an effortless look that is sure to impress. The color palette of this outfit is also great for a first date; the colors are light and airy, and the neutral shades are sure to flatter any complexion. This look is perfect for any season and can be dressed up or down depending on the occasion. With this outfit, you can be sure to make a great first impression.


A Bohemian Look

If boho style is more your thing, try a loose sundress with a floppy hat and a pair of high heel sandals!


Go Simple

Try just a simple white blouse and jeans for your next first date! Guys love a simple look, and it's a lot less work for you!


The Perfect Fall Date Outfit

It can be difficult to wear a cute outfit on a first date in the fall because you have to worry about staying warm too, but this outfit perfectly hits both the fashion side and the warmth side. The skirt is adorable and flirty, and the scarf will keep you warm!


Go Casual

If your date is going to be something casual, don't feel like you have to wear something that he'll never forget- you can just wear a simple sweater. You don't need to put so much pressure on yourself!


Be the Casual Fashionista

I love how carefree you can look wearing a turtleneck and a pair of body hugging jeans and high heels! This outfit is so simple and yet incredibly stylish!


Simple but Put-Together

This outfit looks incredibly intricate but it's really just a white t-shirt and jeans paired with adorable accessories and a gorgeous blazer. Keep this one in your arsenal for those last minute dates!


Pink Dress

Maybe I'm just selfishly obsessed with the idea of a pink dress, but I think that the pinks are so fun and flirty! It'd be perfect for a brunch date!


A Little Bit of Texture

I absolutely adore texture in clothes, so why not to try an outfit that will mix satin or silk and wool or cashmere? A beautiful light silk skirt will look so cute with a cashmere v neck sweater. irst date!


Big Plans? This is for You

If you have big plans for your first date, a powerful little black dress is what you should go for.


Boyfriend Jeans

I think that, despite the name, boyfriends jeans are a perfectly girly and flirty piece to wear on a casual first date.


Fall Outfit

Checking out a pumpkin patch with your possible significant other? One word: layers! A shirt or a blouse - anything with a cute collar, a sweater and a cardigan and a gorgeous scarf on top - cute and bound to keep you warm on those chilly fall days!


Neon and Leather

I love the bright coral because it's so girly, add the leather jacket for a the perfect touch of edge!


Edgy Look

A simple muscle tee paired with a skater skirt is so edgy and fun!


Red and White

I love the simple red and white color palette, and the overall outfit is just as gorgeous, even if you don't want to go for a nearly monochromatic look!


Bold Playsuit

Are you looking to make an impression? Wear a bold playsuit with a cool necklace or statement earrings and they won't forget it soon!


Bright Pants

Just like a playsuit, if you're looking to make a statement, but don't necessarily love playsuits, a bright pair of pants can have the same effect!


Adorable Polka Dots

If your style is pretty girly, a polka dot midi skirt is exactly the way to go for your next first date!


Christmas Date

This red plaid scarf reminds me so much of Christmas. I think this would make an amazing first date outfit if you're doing something around Christmas. It's festive but it's not exactly an ugly Christmas sweater!


Go Simple with a Pop

Wear something simple, like jeans and a t-shirt, and then wear a pop of color, like red heels and a red belt to make the entire outfit pop!


Add Something to a Slouchy Sweater

Oversized sweaters usually aren't recommended on a first date because they can look frumpy, but when paired with the right accessories, like this one, it's an amazing first date outfit!


Try Leather Pants

Are you looking to be extra vampy on your first date? Try leather pants and thigh-high boots to make a lasting impression!


Simple LBD with Gold Accents

Wear a simple black dress, but pair it with a chunky gold belt to instantly create a new and chic look!


White and Pink

While I think that this beautiful white dress would be perfect for a first date on its own, it's taken up another ten notches by adding this gorgeous pink blazer!


Wear a Fun Print

Don't be afraid of prints when you're going on a first date, especially if you love them. Don't change what you love to wear because you think it will turn a guy off!

What do you usually wear on a first date? Let me know!

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