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Floral pants are so in style this season. Whether you're a rookie who's looking to buy your first pair or a seasoned professional (I'm talking about an entire closet full of floral pants), I've got you covered with the latest and greatest in floral pants inspiration!

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Stylish but Comfortable

clothing,pattern,spring,season,fashion, Source: Runway Watch: The Spring Cropped
Isn't it every girl's dream to find pants that are comfortable but can be considered stylish? This is every girl's dream come to fruition.


Navy, Casual Floral

clothing,footwear,fashion,pattern,spring, Source: 14 Stylish Ideas To Wear
Sometimes floral pants can be a bit much. If the pattern's busy, wearing them all over your legs isn't exactly ideal. That's what I love about this floral pattern. It's not too busy, but it still has all of the aspects of floral pants we love!


White and Bright

jeans,clothing,denim,season,spring, Source: 15 Hipster Fashion Trends That
While these pants are white and good for the spring and summer months, the orange tones make these a pair of pants that you can easily wear in the fall as well!


Add Some Floral to Your Workout

clothing,pink,trousers,pattern,leggings, Source: Sport and Fitness Bottoms for
Workout clothes can be boring, but that's easy to change with this pair of floral yoga pants!


Black Floral Pants

clothing,footwear,fashion,trousers,leg, Source: 2015 Fashion Trend: Floral Pants
If you're someone like me who wants to hop on the floral pants trend but doesn't really know where to start, this darker base pant with bright florals is definitely a good starting point!


White Floral Pattern

clothing,human positions,sitting,footwear,pink, Source: Sheinside White Floral Pattern Pant
Flowers just scream spring, and there's something about these pants that make me feel like I just walked into a garden on a beautiful spring day!


Wide-Leg Pants

clothing,blue,pattern,fashion,spring, Source: JEMA FLORAL SILK PALAZZO PANT
Wide leg pants are a fashion risk, but they're a great way to add a little bit of drama to a tried-and-true outfit that you're bored with!


Dark Pants with Muted Floral

clothing,road,footwear,street,fashion, Source: Petal pusher Miranda Kerr wears
While I don't think that there are many pairs of pants that Miranda Kerr couldn't pull off, I really love the way that the bright floral is washed out to be just a few shades lighter!


Go Boho

clothing,spring,sleeve,pattern,dress, Source: joann.com
Pairing this beautiful and bold pattern with the wide leg of these pants just screams boho chic to me!


Because Sweats Just Weren't Good Enough

clothing,pattern,art,jeans,trousers, Source: urbanoutfitters.co.uk
Are you a lover of sweatpants? Well, they just got a whole lot cuter with this floral number!


Floral sweats offer the perfect combination of comfort and style. Say goodbye to choosing between looking cute or lounging in coziness. With these blooming prints, you no longer need to compromise. These pants are a versatile piece that pair well with solid-colored tees or can be dressed up with a chic blazer for an unexpected fashion twist. Whether you're running errands or having a lazy Sunday, these floral sweats are sure to inject a little springtime joy into your wardrobe. Get ready to bloom in your new favorite go-to pants!


Mix Patterns

color,clothing,footwear,fashion,spring, Source: How To Rock Floral Pants
Mixing floral pants with cheetah print heels is not exactly what comes to mind when you think about mixing patterns, but don't you love how stylish this looks? This outfit makes me want to try it for myself!


Something Different

color,clothing,blue,pink,handbag, Source: glamorous-reflection.com
One of my favorite things about this pair of pants is that they're such a unique floral print that you can't necessarily tell whether they're floral or just a pretty tie-dye.


One Color Florals

clothing,denim,footwear,fashion,spring, Source: 1024. Blogger Style: Glam and
Wearing florals that are all in the same color family is an easy way to get into the floral pants trend without feeling like things are getting too busy!


Floral Shorts

clothing,swimwear,swimsuit bottom,fashion,abdomen, Source: shareasale.com
Floral pants aren't your thing? Floral shorts are just as trendy!


Grungy Floral Pants

white,clothing,footwear,fashion,spring, Source: Best Dressed Blogger: Barefoot Blonde
Floral pants are usually considered more preppy than trendy, which is what makes this pair, paired with a graphic tee, a great grungy twist on the look!


Pair with Denim

clothing,footwear,fashion,spring,dress, Source: 16 Trendy Outfit Ideas With
Do you have an addiction to denim tops but don't like the denim on denim look? Floral pants are the perfect way to pull out those denim shirts, especially this pair!


Dressy Floral

color,clothing,human positions,pink,girl, Source: Layered Chiffon Crop Top in
What is it about these floral pants that make them seem like they should be for your next big event?


High Waisted, Watercolor Palazzo Pants

color,clothing,blue,dress,spring, Source: popsu.gr
These palazzo pants are so beautiful with the watercolor look to them!


Throw in Your Pinks and Purples

color,clothing,red,season,spring, Source: 2015 Fashion Trend: Floral Pants
Do you have a job interview coming up? Wearing a pair of floral pants like these with a nice button-down and blazer is a sure way to make a statement with your prospective employer!


Pick a Color, Any Color

yellow,clothing,footwear,spring,trousers, Source: Finders Keepers Illuminati Floral Trousers
Looking to stand out? Pick a color in your floral pants to accentuate in your top like this woman does with a yellow top and her floral pants!



clothing,spring,fashion,footwear,jeans, Source: Easter Holiday: Fashion Anyone
Just because you're all about that neutral life doesn't mean that you can't rock a pair of floral pants like these!


Really Go for It

color,clothing,dress,spring,costume, Source: LoLoBu - Women look, Fashion
These floral pants are just about as loud as it gets, so wear them with pride!


Floral Leggings

clothing,pink,leg,trousers,pattern, Source: Shade Garden Leggings
Looking for floral leggings but not sure if you're ready to make the commitment? Start with these first!


Tropical Pants

clothing,spring,fashion,season,pattern, Source: Tropical Pants
Although these pants are gorgeous, what really makes them stand out are the statement heels. The bright blue can be found sporadically in the pants, making the pants pop even more!


Summer Look

clothing,footwear,spring,fashion,pattern, Source: 11092012 - golden details
Pairing pants as bright as these with a clean, bright shirt just screams summer!

What's your favorite floral look? Let me know in the comments!

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