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Love Pastels? Check out These Super Sweet Pastel Street Style Looks for Outfit Inspiration ...

By Lisa

If you're like me, you adore pastel colors and look for any chance to wear them. Spring is the prime time to break out your favorite pastel pieces and pair them with a sassy skirt, stylish skinnies, comfy shorts, or some tailored trousers. Keep scrolling for some serious spring OOTD fashion inspo!

1 Pale Pink Tee


2 Baby Blue Lace

clothing,pink,dress,spring,fashion, Source: Spring Faves

3 Floral Pants

clothing,fashion,spring,season,footwear, Source: Sazan - Fashion Blog

4 Palm Print and Pleats


5 Soft Pink

clothing,thigh,girl,leg,lady, Source:

6 Powder Blue Coat

clothing,sleeve,coat,outerwear,spring, Source: Fashion Cognoscente: Fashion Cognoscenti Inspiration

7 Neutrals and Nudes

color,clothing,snapshot,beauty,road, Source: The Best Blogger Buys Under

8 Pale Pink and Pumps

white,clothing,footwear,blue,shoe, Source: Light and Airy... - Pink

9 Pleats on Pleats

flower,plant,cherry blossom,pink,spring, Source: The Best Blogger Outfit Ideas

10 Polka Dots

clothing,fashion,footwear,spring,sports, Source: Etrala London Blog : FASHION

11 Pink Prada Coat

clothing,footwear,outerwear,fur,winter, Source: Street Style, November 2014

12 Pink Prints

white,clothing,sleeve,blouse,outerwear, Source: 60 Trendy New Winter Fashion

13 Tan Trousers and Studded Slingbacks


14 Sunny Yellow Blazer

clothing,footwear,outerwear,jacket,fashion, Source: Fashion

15 Printed Jumpsuit

clothing,fashion,spring,season,dress, Source: Street Style: The Best Of

16 Feeling Blue

clothing,blue,denim,footwear,outerwear, Source: Signs that Spring is Here

17 Pop of Blush

white,clothing,human positions,floor,spring, Source: Leo Clutch

18 Pink Trousers

clothing,sleeve,pink,spring,season, Source: Seen on the Streets: Pastel

19 Festival Style Pastels

clothing,pink,sleeve,outerwear,spring, Source: Coachella 2012: Festival Street Style

20 Pink and Lavender

clothing,pink,fashion,footwear,spring, Source: VivaLuxury - Fashion Blog by

21 Pale Pink and Grey

clothing,fashion,spring,dress,costume, Source: ElegantScarfStore

22 White and Blush

white,clothing,denim,footwear,spring, Source: Your style quiz ; Find

23 Pastel Pink Chunky Sweater

clothing,footwear,tights,fashion,outerwear, Source: We're Building All Our Outfits

24 Mint and Hot Pink

color,footwear,clothing,green,pink, Source: The Daileigh is a fashion

26 Florals and Pink

pink,clothing,dress,costume,outerwear, Source: Lazy Sunday

27 Breezy Trench

clothing,spring,outerwear,fashion,season, Source: Street Style Crush: Leila Yavari

28 Neutrals with a Touch of Gold

clothing,handbag,fashion accessory,formal wear,blouse, Source: The Best Accessory Shots Of

29 Printed Coat and Pink Trousers

clothing,footwear,pattern,outerwear,spring, Source: London Calling: Street Style Spring

30 Grey and Pink

white,clothing,jeans,sleeve,spring, Source: Subdued Romance

31 Bit of Blue

clothing,footwear,fashion,spring,dress, Source: Outfits To Wear For Brunch

32 Lavender Love

The Bund,clothing,road,footwear,street, Source: LAVENDER - Candice

33 Blushing Beauty

clothing,road,footwear,street,fashion, Source: Winter White - Street Style

34 Pastel Pink with Leather

clothing,beauty,footwear,leg,fashion, Source: Ring My Bell: Pink Lady


clothing,jeans,denim,outerwear,footwear, Source: Classy and fabulous: Pastels

36 Cool Pastel Blue Hues

clothing,spring,pattern,fashion,season, Source: 15 Street Style Looks That

37 Pastel Sweater and Booties

white,clothing,blue,footwear,street, Source: SomethingNavy - 40/882 - By

38 Gingham Dress with a Light Blue Pastel Coat

white,clothing,footwear,outerwear,spring, Source: Meet The Easy Spring Trend

39 Artfully Applied Pastels

Source: NYFW Street Style Day 6

Do you have a favorite way to rock pastel colors? Do you like to keep it girly or pair it with something tough to give it an edgy touch?

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