Affordable Fashion Pieces That Will Give You an a-List Look Instantly ...


Affordable Fashion Pieces That Will Give You an a-List Look Instantly ...
Affordable Fashion Pieces That Will Give You an a-List Look Instantly ...

If you’re anything like me, you love expensive clothes, but even more than that, you love when you get a really great deal on a gorgeous piece. Those are super rare finds however, and ones that we should cherish when we find them. That being said, I was recently perusing the virtual aisles of H&M when I discovered that most of their clothes look super expensive, but they cost a fraction of what you’d expect. If you’re on the lookout for a good deal, this list of affordable but gorgeous H&M clothing is tailor-made for you!

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Tropical Jumspuit

clothing, photo shoot, model, spring, dress, For a girl who’s usually not a fan of jumpsuits, I can’t get enough of this one. The pattern is absolutely gorgeous and perfect for summer, and the style of the jumpsuit is rare in that it would be flattering on nearly any body type, regardless of weight or height. Plus, with a $40 price tag, it’s a hard find to pass up!


Muted and Fitted Dress

clothing, finger, black hair, leg, thigh, The 90s are back, people, and with them come this dress. This dress reminds me of something we’d see in nearly every 90s teen romantic comedy, but it’s been reimagined into a dress that fits 2015. From the muted color to the high neckline, this is a great dress for any occasion!


White Jumpsuit

clothing, cocktail dress, dress, hairstyle, spring, I’m fairly certain that Taylor Swift has worn a similar jumpsuit to this, but I can guarantee that it was much more expensive than this gorgeous piece. If you want a clean, white jumpsuit with a little bit of flare that looks like it just came off the runway, this is definitely the jumpsuit for you!


Beautifully Blue Skirt

clothing, dress, pattern, thigh, crop, What is it about this skirt that just instantly attracts a ton of eyes? Everything about this skirt is so beautiful! I love the pattern, especially the neutral colors paired with the bright blue accents. It’s a skirt that could be dressed up or down and for so many different events, and looks so much more expensive than it is!


Red Patterned Shorts

clothing, underpants, cocktail dress, pattern, lingerie, Patterned shorts are so in style this season, but it can be hard to find a pair that goes with your personal style. I think that these shorts are great because they could easily fit in with a variety of different styles, whether your look leans more toward the grunge end or you’re more into the boho vibe. Whatever your personal style is, you should be rocking these shorts this season!


Overall Shorts

clothing, plaid, denim, sleeve, pocket, I’m convinced that Taylor Swift singlehandedly brought back overalls when she wore them with a crop top a few weeks ago. Overalls and crop tops are such a great look for summer, especially when paired together, and I don’t know about you, but this is a look that I want to rock every day this summer!


Jacquard Jacket

clothing, snapshot, footwear, denim, pattern, It can be hard to find jackets that don’t cost a fortune but look like they did. This is one of those rare jackets that are exactly that! If you’re looking for a new statement jacket but don’t want to spend a fortune, this is the jacket for you. It stands out and makes a statement, but it definitely doesn’t cost a fortune!

What are your favorite pieces that look like they cost a fortune? Are you going to buy any of these? Let me know in the comments what you think!

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@jessy it's from H&M £49.99 x

Where is the pink dress from

Omg where can I get white jumpsuit?? No prices and no brand names...

I need short overalls!!

i am already in love with the jacket..!!

I have a cute pair of dark denim coveralls that I have yet to wear! I need to hurry up before the Summer is over. 😱

Since when do overalls look A-list?

I would never wear these styles. I like my comfy tees and converse too much.

Really nice and affordable, however we should think about who makes them?

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