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Versatile Fashion Pieces to Help You Go from Work to Party with Minimal Changes ...

By Holly

If you have to work during the day, but have a party later on in the night, then there are a few versatile fashion pieces you can wear. Glamour has compiled a list of the best ones, which are perfect for wearing during any time of the day. Add a belt and some high heels to your outfit when you're ready to party, and it'll take any of these looks from day to night.

1 The Unconstructed Coat

The Unconstructed Coat You can wear this with a dress or with jeans and a teeshirt.

2 The Updated Wrapdress

The Updated Wrapdress This dress will give you the hourglass shape that all the men love.

3 The Basic Turtleneck

The Basic Turtleneck You can layer a turtleneck with a dress, a flannel shirt, or your favorite scarf.

4 The Sleek White Skirt

The Sleek White Skirt Forget everything you've heard about wearing white after labor day.

5 The Work Dress

The Work Dress This looks like an oversized sweater, so you know it's going to be comfy.

6 Classic Boots

Classic Boots You can't make it through fall without a pair of sexy black boots.

7 Tie Waist Skirt

Tie Waist Skirt How cozy does this skirt look?

Now you have plenty of pretty things to wear this season! Which one of these figure flattering pieces is your favorite?

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