9 Extremely Tacky Fashion Trends That Need to End ...


I'm all about being fashionable, but there are quite a few tacky fashion trends I'd love to see disappear. Sadly, many of these seem to be gaining momentum. I'm doing my part to help these tacky fashion trends fade away. I can only hope the rest of the fashionistas out there will do the same and embrace the classier trends.

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Sheer Clothing with Nothing underneath

Sheer Clothing with Nothing underneath Sheer clothing has its place, but it should never be worn without something under it. This is probably the worst of the tacky fashion trends in my opinion. Somehow women seem to think it's fine to go out with a sheer dress on and believe they're being fashion forward. That's still called naked in my opinion. It just seems like a desperate ploy for attention and frankly, I don't want to see a bunch of naked people when I head out.


While fashion is undoubtedly subjective and self-expression is to be celebrated, there's a fine line between avant-garde and simply tasteless. Layering a delicate camisole or even a stylish bralette can maintain that cutting-edge look while introducing a touch of class. Covering up doesn't have to mean boring; it's about respecting the line between provocative and vulgar. The key is to balance exposure with elegance—an undergarment can make all the difference between a fashion faux pas and a trendsetting statement. Remember, mystery often trumps over-exposure.


Holes Everywhere

Holes Everywhere A few rips in your jeans or a few openings in your shirt are fine. When it looks like you're wearing strips of fabric, it's not fashion. That's when most people toss their clothes in the trash. I can't tell you how many women I've seen walking around with giant holes in the seat of their jeans or most of the front ripped out of their shirts so their bras show. Keep holes to a minimum and keep them tasteful. Otherwise, it's just tacky.


Too Tight Leggings and Jeggings

Too Tight Leggings and Jeggings I love wearing tight jeans and form fitting leggings/jeggings. However, when it starts to feel like a corset wrapped around my legs and butt, it's a little too tight. I can't figure out why women think this looks good. Instead of showing off a figure, it shows off every wrinkle and dimple. Plus, you suddenly have rolls of fat where none existed before. Even the sexiest women look horrible with too tight clothing.


Overly Printed

Overly Printed Prints are great, but small, repetitive prints all over your clothes aren't fashionable. I've seen women with printed leggings, paired with a different printed tee. It actually hurt my eyes trying to decipher what they were wearing. If you're wearing small prints, only wear them on one half of your body. Wear a solid color on the rest. For dresses, look for large prints instead. Otherwise, no one will notice you, just the printed pattern burned into their minds.


Way Too Short Short-Shorts

Way Too Short Short-Shorts Short-shorts look incredible when worn correctly. They're great for showing a little extra skin without showing too much. When your butt cheeks are hanging out the back or even bulge out the top of your shorts, they're way too short. Cover your butt completely. Believe me, guys find overly short-shorts tacky and nasty. Plus, super short-shorts can't be comfortable.


Cut out Dresses

Cut out Dresses I really don't understand cut out dresses. It just seems tacky to have the sides of your dress missing. Even worse are the cut out panels that leave thin strips of the dress to cover the essentials. All these dresses say is, “I'm trying way too hard to look sexy.” You don't have to let it all hang out to look great. Trust me, avoiding the cut out look will make you look better.


Peek-a-Boo Undies

Peek-a-Boo Undies I know this is one is typically a guy fashion tragedy, but women are doing it more and more. I know sometimes when you bend over, you might end up flashing the top band of your underwear. However, purposely leaving part or all of your panties hanging out is just tacky. Guys and gals need to stop it. From boxers to thongs, underwear needs to stay under your clothing.


Layers, Layers and More Layers

Layers, Layers and More Layers Have you ever seen women with four or five different straps on their shoulders? What's the point? I honestly want to ask them why they need to wear so many different shirts. To me, layers mean two shirts. When you start wearing multiple tanks, bras and jackets, it just looks tacky. I really can't believe people could even enjoy wearing that many layers, especially during the summer.


Writing on the Butt

Writing on the Butt I don't think this has ever been anything but tacky. What's worse is women who get offended when they see someone reading the writing on the back of their pants. It's not cute to have “Sassy,” “Sexy,” “Bootylicious” or anything else written across your cheeks. Save these pants for lounging around the house. At the very least, don't act shocked when someone stares at your backside.

While this list could go on and on, these are just a few of the fashion trends I hate most. I'm sure I'll go shopping tomorrow and see most of these. I just hope to see these gradually fade into the past. What are some of your fashion pet peeves?

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Cut out dresses are not tacky at all come on. Plus using Eugienie Grey's photo to say what she wore was tacky was really unwise.

Miley Cyrus should heed the plea in her 'butt-cover' i.e. PLEASE STOP!

I agree with everything but cutout dresses

I totally agree with the writing on the butt thing. Awful

Patterns can be cute depending on the loudness of them. If it's a two toned pattern on top and other soft pattern on bottom, as long as it is done tastefully and doesn't hurt the eyes it can be cute. And layers are nice at least in the fall and winter. If you like a dress but want to put a shirt over it to make it seem like a skirt, then wear a cardigan over, it has great potential to be very stylish. If it's like 10 sweaters and leggings and 12 socks yes that is a bit excessive. And cut outs can be tasteful too. If you're hardly dressed that's ridiculous but if it's a little bit of skin, it's actually a simple way of being a tad bit sexy without having all of your cleavage hanging out because your top is cut too low. Cutouts can be a great alternative to really short dresses or low cut tops or tight form fitting outfits. A flowy dress can have a cutout.

Am I the only one who believes in the far future everyone is just gonna end up naked?

Pencil Skirts-I just don't get it

Definitely agree with this post. I get that all women have their own sense of style but done just need to save it for non public use.

Other than cut outs, which I think can look tasteful when done correctly, I agree, though I will admit that some of my shirts are probably too short, however I mostly only wear those on the beach.

a lot of this is REALLY old fashioned. Did my grandma write this article? I agree with the writing on the butt thing. But everything else is bc you're either older or conservative.

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