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Being a single mother, I've become a master of ways to create a wardrobe on a budget. You, too, can acquire these extraordinary skills. If you're a lover of labels, but cannot afford the high price of being a fashionista, I'm pointing you into the right direction. With these options, you score the wardrobe of your dreams without juggling household expenses. Are you ready? Let's learn seven awesome ways to create a wardrobe on a budget.

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Let's Pop Some Tags!

Thrift stores are among the awesome ways to create a wardrobe on a budget. I adore them! I once found a Versace dress shirt, which still had the $105 store price tag on it for about $7. Recently, I discovered a new thrift store in my neck of the woods. My most current finds are a leopard-print Cabi jacket, which was originally-price at $300 for $10 and a silk Armani blouse for $25. My preferred thrift store always has a wide selection of designer and name-brand clothing. I spent about $90 in one trip and had a shopping cart that was full of amazing outfits, which included five Calvin Klein suits.


EBay a-Lister

This is my latest obsession. Yes, I seriously need professional help, as I am completely addicted. However, eBay allows you to add items to a watch list as you are shopping for your favorite labels. This allows you to inspect the items further after you are at a stopping point. The trick I have learned when buying designer labels on the website is to look for items that do not have a reserve and are priced affordably. You should also examine the shipping price. More often than not, the shipping price is closely related to the price the user wishes to get for the item.


Closet Swap

You and your girlfriends can save an incredible amount of money by closet swapping. It is not necessary to do a permanent swap or to trade everything. A few minor pieces are great for allowing you all to reap the benefits. This is also an easy way to sneak gifts into their closet without them realizing it. I am the queen of sneaky gifting.


All Sales Are Final!

I love shopping clearance sales online. Among my favorites is Victoria's Secret. The store has its well-known semi-annual sales in which you can find luxury items at half the price. However, the sale is extended to clearance items. If you watch the clearance section of the website, you can find amazing styles for a lot less. I, personally, love Colin Stuart shoes. I have found some platform, stiletto boots for $40. They were suede, thigh-high boots and made my short legs look a mile long!


Score Discounts

In case you haven't heard, there are easy ways to score discount cards from your favorite online stores. Your best bet is to make a purchase; it doesn't have to be a large purchase. Utilize the wish list feature and save several items that you adore on this list. You should make sure that you are signed up to receive promotional announcements. Sign out of your account and wait. The store will begin sending you discount cards; I have received $50 off $100 purchases by doing this.


Bartering at the Flea Market

If you have any unwanted items, you may have the opportunity to barter with some of the vendors. Your best bet is to locate vintage designer clothing and take note of the booths they're being sold from. Find the vendor and discuss the items that you have available for exchange. The key is to have items of interest that appeal to that vendor. For example, if the booth showcases primarily collectibles and has few clothing selections, offer some collectibles of your own that you no longer want.


Yard Sales

The most inexpensive way to score designer labels is to shop yard sales. Watch your local newspaper to find yard sales in subdivisions and wealthy neighborhoods. It is possible to discover high-caliber finds within these yard sales. Additionally, you should pay attention to which thrift stores are located nearby these neighborhoods. If you were unable to acquire some pieces at a preferred price during the yard sale, I can almost guarantee you that any unsold items will end up within those stores.

Creating a wardrobe with a small budget is a major challenge but with these techniques, you can accomplish this goal without breaking the bank. Where have you found designer clothing at exceptionally low prices?

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