8 Effortless Ways to Look Stylish on a Budget ...


8 Effortless Ways to Look Stylish on a Budget ...
8 Effortless Ways to Look Stylish on a Budget ...

Budget style might seem impossible. How can you look good if you can´t afford to buy what you want? Well, fear not, it is actually possible to look very good without spending a lot, because style isn´t about expense. With some careful choices, budget style is perfectly achievable. Here are some accessible tips on how to look stylish on a budget…

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Steal Ideas

Sure, expensive clothes look good, but is genuine style about spending money? True style can be achieved even if you don´t have much to spend. One route to budget style is to look at glossy magazines and take inspiration from the pictures. Use the ideas you find there, look for cheaper versions, and don´t copy a look completely, but rather use it to give you your own ideas.


Suits You!

However fashionable a garment is, if it doesn´t flatter you there´s no way you´ll make it look good! But then fashion is not the same as style. Style means wearing what looks good on YOU, not what the designers and stores are telling you to wear. Work out what shapes, lengths etc. look good on you, and don´t wear something just because it´s ´in´.


Bargain Hunt

Even if you´re on a budget there are lots of sources of great clothes at bargain prices. There are plenty of good deals to be had on eBay, and vintage clothes stores have stylish clothes (prices vary, but you can get some good prices). Flea markets are my best tip for finding amazingly stylish clothes for even the tightest budget – I have picked up gorgeous dresses for just one or two euros, and stunning coats for 10 euros.



Budget style can also be achieved by having your clothes tailored to fit you well. Most of us don´t fit the standard shapes and sizes of clothing, hence why it can be hard to find clothes that fit properly. If you´re good at sewing, alter the garments yourself; if not, go to a dressmaker. Simple alterations shouldn´t be expensive.



Adopting the right attitude is one of the best tips on how to look stylish on a budget. And it´s free! If you feel that you look good, you will give off the impression of being a stylish and confident person. In the same way that one person can make designer clothes look terrible, another can make thrift store clothing look stunning. Girls, it´s all about the attitude.



Unless you´re one of those rare people who can get straight out of bed and look stunning, always pay attention to grooming if you want to look stylish. Keep your eyebrows tidy, brush your hair, wax your legs, and touch up your makeup if you wear it. These details will help you look stylish – smudged lipstick and fuzzy legs won´t!


Be Your Own Dressmaker

Making your own clothes is a great way of looking fabulously stylish. You can adapt patterns so that they fit perfectly, or even make your own patterns. Plenty of people do, and you don´t necessarily need advanced sewing skills. There are loads of websites with free patterns and advice – look at craftster.org, burdastyle.com, and freeneedle.com.


Style Icons

The phrase ´style icon´ is rather overused these days, but think of who your own style icon is, rather than who the papers describe as such. Whose way of dressing do you admire? Obviously, you won´t look stylish if you copy their image to the very last detail, but you can take elements of their look and adapt it to suit yourself.

Budget style can be achieved with some creative thinking and attention to detail. There are lots of ways to make inexpensive clothes appear smart and original; truly stylish people don´t need to spend a lot to look fabulous. Do you know anyone who knows exactly how to look stylish on a budget?

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