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Introduce color into your wardrobe for a super easy way to punch up your favorite outfits and look trendy at the same time. It doesn’t have to cost a lot to refresh your wardrobe and feel like a new person. Just a few easy steps can give new life to your clothes and gives you the chance to mix and match what you already have. Go ahead and shop for new stuff if you prefer. I would! Check out these easy ways to introduce color into your wardrobe.

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Earrings Who says you have to wear simple silver or gold earrings with every outfit? One of the easiest ways to introduce color into your wardrobe is with your jewelry. If you tend toward neutral colored outfits, such as black or grey, a great pair of brightly colored earrings can jazz things up. Try turquoise, lime green or pink with pretty much any neutral you own. Purple, orange and yellow are also great if you find your dream pair of earrings in those colors.


A Scarf

A Scarf I love wearing a great scarf with sweaters, sundresses, t-shirts and jeans. It’s a super simple way to add some personality to your outfit and introduce some color at the same time. Try a brightly hued infinity scarf with a casual outfit or a wintery type of scarf for an outdoors event. Go for a solid color or get really crazy and opt for a patterned scarf in several bright colors.



Shoes What could possibly look better than a great pair of red or pink shoes with a neutral pair of jeans and a plain solid-colored shirt? I’ll tell you what might look just as good. A great pair of turquoise heels or some sparkly purple flats. They punch up skirts, slacks, jeans and sweaters in a many neutral hues.


A Statement Necklace

A Statement Necklace You know what I’m talking about – that long, sparkly necklace that you can’t wear without getting tons of compliments. Choosing one in a bright color can make your outfit match your personality. Layer several in a variety of shades to really add color to what you’re wearing today and any day.



Sunglasses Sunglasses don’t have to be brown or black to be functional. You can add some flair to your favorite outfits by donning a pair of purple, blue or yellow shades. They look great on your head, no matter your hair color, but they also make you look fashionable and beautiful when on your face too. If you’re stuck wearing a lot of plain clothes, add your own personal touch with sunglasses.


Nail Polish

Nail Polish Painting your nails is fast and easy, so it’s perfect if you want to add some color to your wardrobe. Paint them a neon pink or deep red hue if you err towards traditional looks. If you want to be a bit more daring, try purple, yellow, green or blue on your nails. If it’s summer, polish your toes too so they can lend a dash of color to your sandals or maxi dress.


A Cami

A Cami If you’re reluctant to wear a bright purple or green sweater, but still want to inject some color into your outfit, try a cami underneath a neutral colored sweater. Layer any color under a black or brown sweater or sweatshirt and you’ll instantly look trendy and put together. A lace edged cami is especially wonderful.

Do you like to wear bright colors? I do in small doses – so share your favorite ideas with me.

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