7 Grown up Ways to Wear Gingham This Season ...

Finding different ways to wear gingham that won’t have you reliving your childhood can be tricky. This classic checked print has been enjoying a revival and it has made its way to the forefront of fashion. It has shaken off its traditionally sweet and innocent associations and has embraced a much more modern and contemporary feel. If you’re feeling the gingham trend then check out these ways to wear gingham in a much more grown up fashion.

1. Supersize It

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One of the most stylish ways to wear gingham right now is in oversized prints. Exaggerated and oversized gingham prints have been dominating the designer collections. Jumbo squares are a fun twist and great for making a statement in. Exaggerated gingham prints also look much more modern and on-trend than the schoolgirl-inspired gingham of the past.

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