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7 Grown up Ways to Wear Gingham This Season ...

By Sophia

Finding different ways to wear gingham that won’t have you reliving your childhood can be tricky. This classic checked print has been enjoying a revival and it has made its way to the forefront of fashion. It has shaken off its traditionally sweet and innocent associations and has embraced a much more modern and contemporary feel. If you’re feeling the gingham trend then check out these ways to wear gingham in a much more grown up fashion.

Table of contents:

  1. Supersize it
  2. Keep it tailored
  3. Make it menswear-inspired
  4. Add accents
  5. Toughen it up
  6. Make it monochrome
  7. Go sheer

1 Supersize It

One of the most stylish ways to wear gingham right now is in oversized prints. Exaggerated and oversized gingham prints have been dominating the designer collections. Jumbo squares are a fun twist and great for making a statement in. Exaggerated gingham prints also look much more modern and on-trend than the schoolgirl-inspired gingham of the past.

2 Keep It Tailored

If you’re going to be wearing head-to-toe gingham, then make sure that the pieces are sharp and tailored. Avoid anything too slouchy or voluminous that could have you mistaken for a milk maid. Think of things like tailored blazers, fitted trousers, and sleek pencil skirts and dresses.

3 Make It Menswear-inspired

Give your gingham a grown up edge by working a menswear-inspired look. Team some tailored gingham trousers with polished loafers or lace-up shoes and a fitted shirt for a smart and casual outfit. This feminine meets masculine way of dressing is sleek and modern, and one of the top ways to pull off the gingham trend this season.

4 Add Accents

Gingham accessories make for great accent pieces. They’re also a fantastic option for when you only want to add a touch of gingham to your outfit. Gingham shoes, bags, or even gingham framed sunglasses are all stylish ways to incorporate this trend into your look. Opt for brightly colour gingham accessories that will add a playful twist to your outfit.

5 Toughen It up

If your gingham clothes take the form of sweet skirts or smock dresses, try toughening up the rest of your outfit. You could try teaming a gingham dress with a leather-look biker jacket, slouchy beanie, and ankle boots for a contemporary take on the trend. Also try accessorising with chunky jewellery and punk-inspired pieces to really up the ante.

6 Make It Monochrome

Gingham prints can be quite busy so it’s best to stick to monochrome colour palettes. Black and white gingham prints are probably the sleekest and most modern of them all, and the easiest to accessorise. If you’re wearing coloured gingham, try keeping the rest of your outfit in the same tonal colours to make the look more streamlined. Avoid accessories that vary greatly in colour and opt for matching accessories in similar tones.

7 Go Sheer

Gingham goes sexy when worn in sheer styles. Sheer fabrics have a way of sticking around each season, and even the classic gingham print isn’t exempt from being given the sheer treatment. A sheer gingham blouse can look super sleek when tucked into a fitted pencil skirt and worn with polished heels and accessories. Alternatively, floaty sheer gingham dresses can be toughened up with structured jackets and heeled ankle boots.

The key to styling gingham this season is to stick to modern silhouettes. These are just some tips for working the gingham trend in a more grown up manner. Are you a fan of gingham? What are your top tips for wearing the trend?

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