7 Basic Essentials of  Well Dressed Man ...


7 Basic Essentials of  Well Dressed Man ...
7 Basic Essentials of  Well Dressed Man ...

In 2015, there will be seven things every well dressed man can wear together to create the ultimate modern look, or just to prepare for the day — after all, he just may meet the woman of his dreams while he’s out and about. Whether you’re just trying make your own mother proud or your brothers jealous at the next family gathering, these seven must-owns will have you well prepared for whatever fashion moment you need to shine in during 2015.

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A Wooden Watch

It used to take a certain kind of man — an outdoors-y, mountain-climbing, manly one — to rock a wooden watch. Those days are far behind us, with the wooden watch trend expanding by the season. Not only can they make every look fashion-forward (with a dab of dapper), they are insanely comfortable to wear.


A Bowtie

Bowties were once reserved for movie sets, your grandfather’s smoking club, and Bill Nye, but they’ve found their way into the closets of some of the best-dressed gents, so much so that they’ve become a «new» fashion staple. For a black tie moment or a first date, a bowtie can mean great self-expression through fashion.


Blue Suede Shoes

Argue with Elvis? Go ahead, I dare you! Blue has pulled head-to-head with classic black as the go-with-everything color, and suede is a go-with-everything material. Wear your blue suede shoes casual with no sock and a cuffed pant, or dress them up with some slacks — either way, listen to your inner King!



Scarves are no longer just for winter. With fashion house after fashion house offering a variety of materials and prints for their spring 2015 collections, a scarf is a tasteful way to complete an outfit. In certain cases, just throwing a scarf over your shoulders gives you a certain air, dare I say, presence.


Tweed Blazer

Get ready for props from every human being with functional eye sight and at least one iota of good taste. Tweed blazers almost demand respect for the wearer. They can be worn through ¾ of the year (never in summer) and are arguably the most affordable jacket for the fashion weight they carry.


Pocket Square

Details make outfits. They separate the well-dressed from the dressed well. Nothing says you have individual taste like the presence of a pocket square. They are abundant, inexpensive, and will give every outfit the splash of Dean Martin every guy I know wouldn’t mind.



Belts are functional and fine, but suspenders are FUN! They can be worn with any pant, slack or even shorts (depending on your bravery). They have a certain «nerd chic» that’s defined the last 5 years of fashion-forward style, and again, they’re fun! Don’t be afraid to wear them any way that fits your personal style. Trust me, it only makes them better.

These seven essentials will always bring out the best of your personal style, while making you look and feel confident and on-trend, even trailblazing. So how many of these essentials live in your wardrobe?

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Glad to see you ladies have good taste! :) why are all the jackets two sizes too small? Most of everything on this list looks kind of dorky! And watches belong in a time capsule with the advent of smartphones...might as well go all the way and suit him up with a pocket watch and a chain! If you want to know what your guy would like watch the NFL broadcasters on Sunday! They got game!

Is this a best dressed man list or an extremely annoying hipster list?

reminds me of Chuck from Gossip Girl👌

The wooden watches out now are absolutely gorgeous! My husband has one and now I want one for ladies.

Hmmm maybe this is suited for more Hipsters rather than normal men.

U must b kidding blue shoes? Wooden watch ??

Yep Splashhhh got it right, odd list 😐

This is a very specific style...

I agree with Splashhhh.... Nothing here seems like something a well dressed man needs to wear.. They all sound like something a hipster would wear....

What's a good brand for a wooden watch?

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