7 Basic Essentials of 2015's Well Dressed Man ...

In 2015, there will be seven things every well dressed man can wear together to create the ultimate modern look, or just to prepare for the day β€” after all, he just may meet the woman of his dreams while he’s out and about. Whether you’re just trying make your own mother proud or your brothers jealous at the next family gathering, these seven must-owns will have you well prepared for whatever fashion moment you need to shine in during 2015.

1. A Wooden Watch

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It used to take a certain kind of man β€” an outdoors-y, mountain-climbing, manly one β€” to rock a wooden watch. Those days are far behind us, with the wooden watch trend expanding by the season. Not only can they make every look fashion-forward (with a dab of dapper), they are insanely comfortable to wear.

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