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Coat dresses can make you feel as glamorous and elegantly dressed as Kate Middleton. I don’t know why America hasn’t embraced coat dresses as much as England has. This style was a longtime favorite of Princess Diana as well. Get your royal on and try this most attractive style!

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Candice Gwinn Fontaine Coat Dress

Candice Gwinn Fontaine Coat Dress I WANT THIS! One of the most beautiful vintage inspired coat dresses I have ever seen. The black velvet collar and cuffs, in contrast to the olive ribbed rayon of the coat, is simply outstanding. TrashyDiva.com says the length is below the knee or tea length depending on your height. I think it would be exquisite at either length and I'd even love this as a mini!


Embrace the elegance and sophistication of a bygone era with this Candice Gwinn Fontaine Coat Dress. It's easy to imagine yourself strolling through a historic garden or attending a high tea in such a garment. With its timeless design and luxurious materials, you'll not only feel like royalty but also turn heads with an air of classic charm. Whether paired with pumps for a formal event or ankle boots for a casual chic look, this coat dress is versatile for any occasion. Plus, its tailored fit and cinched waist will flatter any silhouette.


Courtney Coat Dress

Courtney Coat Dress Another vintage inspired coat dress is this smoke leopard print from TrashyDiva.com. Two oversized buttons at the waist work double duty as closure and highlighting your tiny waist. The portrait collar is very becoming and the dress features my favorite 3/4 sleeve length. I push all long sleeves up to 3/4 length because it looks so chic. Major bonus points for the hidden pockets!


'Fontaine' Vintage Coat Dress

'Fontaine' Vintage Coat Dress The double-breasted bodice, the cinched in waist, the black velvet shawl collar, and the velvet buttons, combine to make this coat dress elegantly regal. The dress, from BlueVintage.com, is shown with a full petticoat underneath (available for purchase), which accounts for the extra flair on the skirt. I can easily see Kate Middleton wearing this for some official state function.


The 'Fontaine' Vintage Coat Dress from BlueVintage.com is the epitome of elegance and regality. Its double-breasted bodice, cinched waist, black velvet shawl collar, and velvet buttons exude a royal charm. This dress is shown with a full petticoat underneath, which adds extra flair to the skirt. It is available for purchase and is perfect for any official state function or formal event. With its timeless design, it is no wonder that this coat dress is fit for a queen, and we can easily imagine Kate Middleton donning this dress with grace and poise.


Buttons, Belt & Lace Coat Dress

Buttons, Belt & Lace Coat Dress Admittedly, not for everyone. If you're petite, and real young looking, this can go all sorts of wrong. I think this dress needs a full figure to make it look more like a woman's dress than a girl's. I'd style this with a nude pump, and some type of up-do, to contrast the Peter Pan collar and all over innocence. You'll find this at Missiny.com and the price won't kill you.


Akris Punto Bird's Eye Moto Coat Dress

Akris Punto Bird's Eye Moto Coat Dress I like the idea of a zippered coat dress and this one in wool/spandex, seems perfect for a cold winter day. The dress is black and cream and I like the way it is styled here with the tights, but I'd change the shoes to something close fitting to maintain the sleek line. Visit NeimanMarcus.com for the zoom view, and really fall in love!


Pleated Military Style Coat Dress

Pleated Military Style Coat Dress I like anything double-breasted, so this twill coat dress is no exception. I like the pleated ruffles and the gold tone crested buttons on the bodice. A back yoke picks up the pleated trim. I'd remove the belt loops; ditch the sash, and add a great belt. Check it out at eShakti.com.


Stretch Cotton Trench Coat Dress

Stretch Cotton Trench Coat Dress I’ve never seen a sleeveless trench coat dress before. Nice job by Rachel Zoe on this one. It’s mostly cotton with enough elastane to make it stretchy. Check it out on Stylebop.com. The back view is super cute, but maybe not enough to offset the price tag.

Coat dresses seem to range from impossibly cute and flirty to downright elegant. The price points can be easily obtainable or obscene. If you stay away from the designer brands, you should be able to pick up a great coat dress and stand out from the crowd. Do you see a coat dress in your future?

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I have the last one and I've worn the heck out of it ever since! it can be worn any time of year if you throw a long sleeved shirt under it. love!!!

@Zahra, each coat dress has the name of the store where it can be purchased. Best to check the price where the item is sold.

How much are these coats?

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