7 Tips on How to Dress like Kate Middleton ...


7 Tips on How to Dress like Kate Middleton ...
7 Tips on How to Dress like Kate Middleton ...

The more I see her in magazines, the more I want to know how to dress like Kate Middleton. She effortlessly takes simple outfits and makes them look beautiful and chic. No matter what she wears, she looks fabulous. The more I look at her clothing, the more I realize she sticks to some of the same aspects in all of her outfits. So here are some things I have noticed about her wardrobe and some tips on how to dress like Kate Middleton.

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Cover up

One of the key parts on how to dress like Kate Middleton is to cover up. She never shows too much skin and she always dresses conservatively. Being in the public eye and representing the royal family of England, Kate has mastered the art of looking incredible while maintaining a conservative feel about her. I feel as if today, so many people think that the more skin the better, and Kate Middleton proves that wrong by looking fabulous and classy at the same time.


Stay Away from Prints

Another tip on how to dress like Kate Middleton is to stay away from prints. You will rarely see her wearing patterns or designs as she usually sticks to solid colors. I personally avoid patterns in my wardrobe because it allows more versatility with my clothes and makes my outfits simpler yet just as chic. If you are hesitant to stop wearing prints, try adding in funky accessories to get that pop in your outfit you normally would get with a fun pattern.


Go Monochrome

It may seem intimidating, but Kate Middleton has learned how to rock wearing one solid color. Whether it be a dark navy or bright red, she streamlines her outfit with one color and creates a stunning and lengthening look. The key to this is to use basic and neutral accessories and shoes that do not overdo the outfit.


Embrace Your Feminine Side

Start incorporating lace, small details, pastels, and all things feminine in your wardrobe. Kate Middleton always looks like such a lady in whatever she wears because she amps up the level of femininity in her outfits. Use proportions that give you a womanly shape to help in getting the perfect level of ladylike looks of your outfit.


Drapes and Ruching

Even though she is tiny, Kate Middleton tends to wear dresses that are draped and ruched throughout the waistline to flatter her body. What is so perfect about this is that draping and ruching are flattering on all body types. It draws the eyes in towards your curves and makes your waist look smaller. Try on some dresses with this style of material but in different lengths to find what flatters your body best.


Have Some British Inspiration

Riding boots, tweed, plaid and more! Take this tip on how to dress like Kate Middleton and incorporate a British feel into your wardrobe. The classic yet preppy feel of British fashion is perfect to make yourself dress conservatively yet chic.



What outfit would be complete without a smile! You will never catch Kate Middleton out and about without a smile on her face. You can never rock any outfit if you aren’t confident. If you feel fabulous in your outfit, you will look fabulous in your outfit.

Kate Middleton has such an incredible sense of style that stands apart from so many other celebrities. She is classy, chic, and beautiful. What are some of your favorite aspects of Kate Middleton’s wardrobe? What do you think is important in knowing how to dress like Kate Middleton? Were these tips helpful?

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She is so classy! Great role model for ladies! She shows you can look great AND be classy at the same time.

I am a huge fan of Kate Middleton. I admire her very much

Kate is my muse. Thanks for that post :)

She has such classic style!

How to dress like Kate Middleton- be as boring as possible

She's not boring - she is fabulous

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