Being a Fashionable Student Looking Good in Just a Few Minutes ...


Being a Fashionable Student  Looking Good in Just a Few Minutes ...
Being a Fashionable Student  Looking Good in Just a Few Minutes ...

Being a student and being fashionable is not a concept that is totally out of any student’s reach. With a bit of savvy planning, a few smart purchases and some brilliant research – any student can look the part in a few minutes and still be able to stick to their budget. Here are a few great ways to look great in a few minutes.

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beauty, eyebrow, hairstyle, girl, blond, Looking after your skin properly – drinking lots of water, eating lots of fresh fruit and veggies and always wearing sunscreen even in winter will go a long way in ensuring that your skin always looks glowing, healthy and fresh. This will go a long way in making you look well groomed and beautiful even if you are just coming out of the gym. It will also save you lots of time - girls - when you are going out as you won’t’ need any make up - only a lick of lip gloss – to let your natural beauty shine through. Not to mention the amount of money you will save on expensive make up.


Wardrobe Basics

sitting, human hair color, girl, beauty, lady, When you are on a budget and always pressed for time you are going to need to shop smart to reap the benefits of looking good. Always have a few wardrobe staples handy. Invest in a few good quality wardrobe basics to keep you going through any season year after year: a good jacket for winter; a couple of pairs of perfectly fitting jeans - no matter your size, the fit is key; some crisp white T-shirts; neutral knitwear; and the obligatory little black dress. This way you can mix and match your basics. For example – throw a little black dress over a pair of jeans and sweep a colorful scarf around your neck for a trendy look in a flash.


Get Organized

room, closet, furniture, girl, interior design, Half the time we are late when we are due for an appointment or a dinner date is because we can’t find what we are looking for to wear – and everyone has experienced this at some point. All of your black clothing is in the ‘’ironing pile’’ and it is difficult to find out what you want in a rush. Do your washing regularly and hang up your clothes, fold them up and pack them away immediately after wearing them. That way, in a hurry, you will always know where your favorite denim jacket is, where your black jersey is and where you put that blue neck scarf you love so much. So when you are just finishing an assignment with 5 minutes left to get ready – you can be out the door in a few minutes and still have time to freshen up.



winter, snow, outerwear, fur, headgear, Accessories are the best way to change the entire look of an outfit in less than a minute. Accessories are generally affordable and you can keep up with the latest trends by buying a pashmina, neck scarf, beads, jewelry, tights, brooch or handbag in the latest season’s fashions without breaking the bank. This way you can go from a comfortable campus look to dinner with the parents by just mixing and matching a few clever accessories; saving you time, saving you plenty of money and helping you look trendy and well-groomed at the same time.

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