7 Best Colors to Wear to the Office ...

Choosing the right colors to wear to the office is such an important issue, and one I wasnโ€™t aware of in my younger years. Depending on your office environment, or what kind of company you work for, certain colors, fabrics and outfit choices can signify meaning that people stereotype you for, or look up to you for. If that sounds like a big job for a color scheme, trust me, itโ€™s no understatement. Check out the best colors to wear to the office, and which ones to leave for cocktail hours, or nights out on the town.

1. Navy

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Navy is one of the hottest colors of the year and also one of the best colors to wear to the office. Navy might seem boring to some of you, but it signifies confidence, stability and loyalty. Pair a cute navy pencil skirt with a neutral pair of pumps and a matching jacket. It will have you looking sharp as a tack and ready to take on anything that comes your way. People often see women who wear blue as โ€œgo-gettersโ€ and women who take charge.

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