7 Haute Ways to Wear Houndstooth ...

I'm awfully glad there are so many utterly haute ways to wear houndstooth, because it's my favorite patterns. The stark white on black of the traditional print, the different variations, the timelessness you'll find in most houndstooth pieces – they all speak to me.I think we can all benefit from a few classic ways to wear houndstooth, don't you think?

1. Jazz up a Jacket

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This is one of the most timeless ways to wear houndstooth, and one of my favorites. Houndstooth coats look elegant and chic but they still have a hint of edge. There are all styles, but I suggest going for something fitted; look for a flared silhouette or a belted waist. A dramatic collar won't hurt either, but get it in a solid, such as black, red, or hot pink.

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