7 Haute Ways to Wear Houndstooth ...

By Lyndsie

7 Haute Ways to Wear Houndstooth ...

I'm awfully glad there are so many utterly haute ways to wear houndstooth, because it's my favorite patterns. The stark white on black of the traditional print, the different variations, the timelessness you'll find in most houndstooth pieces – they all speak to me.I think we can all benefit from a few classic ways to wear houndstooth, don't you think?

Table of contents:

  1. jazz up a jacket
  2. slide into a new pair of shoes
  3. shimmy into a skirt
  4. go oversized
  5. wrap up a scarf
  6. tempt yourself with trousers
  7. mix and match

1 Jazz up a Jacket

Jazz up a Jacket This is one of the most timeless ways to wear houndstooth, and one of my favorites. Houndstooth coats look elegant and chic but they still have a hint of edge. There are all styles, but I suggest going for something fitted; look for a flared silhouette or a belted waist. A dramatic collar won't hurt either, but get it in a solid, such as black, red, or hot pink.

2 Slide into a New Pair of Shoes

Slide into a New Pair of Shoes I think houndstooth shoes are just darling. My obsession started when my partner, Heather bought a pair of black heels that had a houndstooth sole, but who wants to hide such a gorgeous pattern? High heels look phenomenal, as do flats. If you really want to splash out stylishly, however, look for some platform booties.

3 Shimmy into a Skirt

Shimmy into a Skirt Because houndstooth is such a busy pattern, I don't recommend maxi skirts. Look for something shorter, just below or above the knee. I've seen a lot of houndstooth peplum skirts that look stellar, although a plain pencil skirt would do the print just as much justice. A short shift or sheathe style dress would look just as dynamic.

4 Go Oversized

Go Oversized Speaking of being busy, you might not want to wear all those little intricate checks. That's no problem at all! Look for an oversized houndstooth piece, by which I mean a piece that features an enlarged pattern. This look works well on scarves, shawls and pashminas, and flowing cardigans.

5 Wrap up a Scarf

Wrap up a Scarf And speaking of scarves, they're aces when you want a small touch of houndstooth. You don't have to go all out, because the pattern makes a wonderful statement. I suggest a traditional scarf rather than an infinity scarf. With the classic wrap, you'll get more out of the print.

6 Tempt Yourself with Trousers

Tempt Yourself with Trousers I think houndstooth pants and leggings are adorable. You have to make sure the cut flatters you, however, and you should stay away from anything that stretches too much. You might give off an optical illusion effect. A thicker material with a close fit does wonders, especially with a solid top and some bright pops of color.

7 Mix and Match

Mix and Match Although you have to be careful if you're going to mix houndstooth with other patterns and prints, it can be done. Since pattern clashing is still a hot trend, doing this correctly can really make you stand out and show off your style savvy. The chevron pattern pairs well when it's somehow subdued, and certain contrasting plaids in a monochromatic color palette will look amazing.

You don't have to stick to a houndstooth jacket or scarf, although clearly those are both excellent ways to wear the trend. Don't be afraid to explore different pieces of clothing and try it with different pieces. Pair houndstooth with solid colors or complementary prints. Speaking of which, how do you pair houndstooth with another pattern?

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