7 Sleek Rain Jackets to Keep You Dry during Summer Downpours ...

During the summer months, sleek rain jackets are a must-have item. Depending on where you live, summer is a time of unpredictable rain and wind. This means you are going to need some serious protection to get where you need to be without getting soaked, cold, and uncomfortable. Sleek rain jackets offer shelter from the elements, while looking slick and cute at the same time!

1. Vineyard Vines Stow & Go Rain Coat

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This is one of the best sleek rain jackets for many reasons. It has a waterproof material that will keep you dry during the heaviest of rain. Also, the cuffs of the sleeves have Velcro so that you can stay dry by keeping rain out. The color of this rain coat is sailor red, but I think it has notes of coral. You can find this coat on vineyardvines.com and it is available in black as well.

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