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7 Cute Coats by Knitted Dove ...

By Jennifer

On the ground right now, there are more than 9 inches of snow, all fallen within the past 24 hours. On Friday, however, it was bright and sunny and 52 degrees outside — ah, Michigan! Just when I think it’s safe to put away my winter coats and bring out the spring jackets, the weather surprises me and takes a turn again. To cheer myself up, I’ve been looking at new winter coats, and I’ve found some darling ones I’d love to have! Here are 7 cute coats by new designer Knitted Dove.

Table of contents:

  1. Well-revered coat
  2. Playful pleasantries coat
  3. Let’s go up state coat
  4. Sign of the thames jacket
  5. Alamo square coat
  6. Houndstooth of the baskervilles coat
  7. Highland reel coat

1 Well-Revered Coat

Price: $97.99 at
ModCloth Warmth Scale Rating: 3 of 5
I’m oh-so-tired of wearing my black pea coat or my grey wool — I need a coat with color, and this coat, in a cherry-red ploy/cotton blend, is just the thing. I love the little nip in at the waist and the sweet ruffles around the collar. It would look darling with a pair of skinny jeans and tall brown boots…

2 Playful Pleasantries Coat

Price: $90.99 at
ModCloth Warmth Scale Rating: 3 of 5
Did I say I was tired of black and grey? I was so mistaken! This coat is so chic, and without the benefit of vivid colors. The top is a classic double-breasted cream wool/poly blend, with dual rows of black buttons, slightly puffed sleeves, and a notched Peter Pan collar. But the bottom is a black and grey herringbone pattern, adding a marvelous bit of visual interest to an otherwise run-of-the-mill coat. I love it!

3 Let’s Go up State Coat

Price: $84.99 at
ModCloth Warmth Scale Rating: 2.5 of 5
This is what my Grams would call a “driving coat,” with a roomy fit, comfortable for (yes) driving in. It’s made of a warm poly-cotton blend in navy, with a thin red plaid running through it and a creamy faux fur collar. The coat also has side pockets, ideal for stashing cell phone, driving gloves, and keys.

4 Sign of the Thames Jacket

Price: $97.99 at
ModCloth Warmth Scale Rating: 2.5 of 5
I can see it now: wearing this coat over a black pencil skirt with patterned tights and leather ankle booties, admiring m reflection in every shop window I pass on an afternoon of shopping downtown. The coat itself is cozy and warm, with an oversized velvet-trimmed collar, with matching trim along the button placket and cuffs.

5 Alamo Square Coat

Price: $164.99 at
ModCloth Warmth Scale Rating: 3 of 5
Ah, another coat that’s colors may mark is as “demure,” but with style that makes it anything but. It’s longer than most, ideal for wearing with skirts and dresses, with a tie-belt waist, side pockets, and a contrasting black faux-fur collar. I’m not quite sure why, but I also adore the buttons, probably because of how well they tie the coat together, color-wise. Pair with a short skirt, opaque black patterned tights, and cream or pale grey pumps. Gorgeous, and warm!

6 Houndstooth of the Baskervilles Coat

Price: $161.99 at
ModCloth Warmth Scale Rating: 4 of 5
Who’s the warmest of them all? Why, you, my dear, in this brilliant crimson hounds-tooth check coat. It features a wide, incredibly warm collar, fitted waist with a flattering flair beneath, and clever side pockets. Wear it with a pair of skinny jeans and tall black boots, or with a wool jumper, thick patterned leggings, and cute ankle booties.

7 Highland Reel Coat

Price: $147.99 at
ModCloth Warmth Scale Rating: 3 of 5
I’m mad about plaid, so I would love this coat even if it was lacking some of the design cues that make is so pretty. Like, the charming ruffles along the stand-up collar, along the front, and around the hem, and again at the sleeves, or the angled side pockets. Wear it over an LBD, or really, any of your other winter-time ensembles, for added warmth and sweetness.

Well, now that I’ve shared these Knitted Dove coats with you, I feel a little better, though I still can’t decide which I’d prefer to have… I’m leaning towards that red hounds-tooth check one… but enough about me! Which of these cute coats do you like best, and why?

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