7 Super Cute Fall Fashion Finds to Be Excited about Now ...

I don’t know about you, but I’m crazy about fall, and this year, fall fashion trends have got me more excited than EVER! I love the coziness fall brings, when you can walk outside and bask in the glowing sun, with the wind gently whispering through your hair, and the golden hues of the leaves on the ground just seem to kiss your feet. Preferably, your feet are covered in a cute pair of fall boots like rider boots, or a sexy high heel boot, which are my personal favorites! This year, just like every fall, boots are totally in, as are oh-so feminine sweaters, and tons of stylish, yet sexy jewelry. I’m more excited than ever about this year’s fall finds and just can’t wait to see what fashion does to inspire us this season. Join me in celebrating fall a little early with these fall fashion trends you have to look forward to!

1. Ruby Toned Ensembles

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This year, one of the biggest fall fashion trends is ruby- colored hues paired with more neutral, earthy tones, like this cute little dress ensemble paired with boots. I think this slightly burgundy, ruby dress would be perfect with any skin tone or hair color. I can imagine this dress would be stunning with a denim jacket and even a cute pair of leggings and ballet flats, if you wanted to go a different route as well. I’m more of a boots girl, but the possibilities are endless with this super sweet hue!

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