10 Bold and Fashionable Ways to Break out of a Style Rut ...


10 Bold and Fashionable Ways to Break out of a Style Rut ...
10 Bold and Fashionable Ways to Break out of a Style Rut ...

Style Tips for updating your wardrobe and breaking out of a style rut can always be used, wouldn't you agree? It's so easy to fall into a style rut with your everyday dress, but having these nifty style tips on hand will help you to be bold and experimental with your fashion choices! You just need a little encouragement and a good starting point. It's important to have your own sense of style, but you don't want to fall victim to wearing the same things over and over again. Read on for 10 fabulous style tips to jump-start your new fashion adventure!

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Grab a Belt

Belts will amp up your style factor by 10+ points! Go for a classic brown or black leather one and wear it over anything, including dresses, button down shirts, blazers, or even coats. For a super fun style tip, opt for a colored belt!


Throw on a Trench Coat

Trench coats are mega classy, cute, comfortable and perfect for nearly any occasion. This is the one style tip I will stand by no matter what! Get yourself a good trench coat. It's the best way to look put-together in a hurry!


Go for the "Pop"

By "pop", of course, I mean the pop of color! It's an instant eye catcher and the perfect style tip no matter your age. Start out small, like a shoe or a scarf. Or reach for it in a bold way and throw on a colored pencil skirt or skinny jeans!


Try a New Shoe

I think every one has that one style of go-to shoes, so here's a fun style tip. Once per week, try out a new shoe! If you wear heels every day, try a flat. Or if you wear flats every day, try a wedge! If you are a sneakers girl, slip on some ballet flats or if you live in boots, try a sandal! You never know what you might like!


Carry a Wild Bag

Brightly colored bags, or animal print bags will stand out in a crowd and make you the center of attention! And most shades of red will go with just about anything. So try this style tip-it's a small step in the right direction to breaking out of a style rut!


Reach out to Your Nerdy Side

I'm pretty sure there is a little bit of "nerd" in all of us, don't you agree? If you wear glasses, try getting a dark black frame and giving it a shot. Maybe you don't wear glasses. So what? Buy a frame with nonprescription lenses! It's an easy and surefire way to change up your look with a snap!


Have Some Classy Jewelry

Here's a top notch style tip. Every woman should own at least one set of classy jewelry. Whether it be pearls, diamonds, gold or silver, have one good necklace, earring and bracelet set that you can reach for at a moments notice. And it doesn't even need to be real if you can't afford it. Just make sure it looks real.


Be Experimental with Your 'do

So many women fall into a fashion rut with their hairstyle! Here's a good style tip to adhere to. Try to change or update your hairstyle on a yearly basis. If you don't like to change the style drastically, at least try different colors. The smallest changes can make the biggest difference. And go out on a limb with hairdos. Try a side bun or curls for a day. You might just love it!


Pick One Item

Here's a good rule of thumb to follow. Every week, pick one new item to try out. Maybe you have never worn a scarf. So this week, determine to wear a scarf one day to try it out. If you have shied away from vests since you were a kid, make it a goal to wear a vest this week. This is a great style tip!


Never Say Never

When considering fashion or style tips, never say never. Always keep an open-mind and be willing to try something new. Don't go too over the top and overdo it, but please do remember that changing up your look will keep you feeling fresh, young, and beautiful!

I hope that these Style Tips will give you a great starting point to branch out and eventually leave your style rut for good! As times change, and people grow older, they seem to cling even tighter to what they know to be "familiar" and "comfortable". Don't fall into this habit! Choose one of these style tips to try per week, or per day if you dare! You will see that breaking out of a style rut is easy AND fun when you have fabulous style tips to follow!

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