7 Fashion Tips on How to Dress for a Career ...


7 Fashion Tips on How to Dress for a Career ...
7 Fashion Tips on How to Dress for a Career ...

How to dress for a career in some of many industries, make the best impression on your bosses, client and, hopefully, land a promotion while you’re still young and eager enough to advance? Well, as you’ve probably heard a few dozens of times, dressing the part has a lot to do with it! So here are a few fashion tips both CNN’s and Marie Claire’s professionals consider crucial for a perfect business look:

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Invest in Basic Pieces

Renewing your entire wardrobe in order to make it office-appropriate may deliver a huge blow to your budget which means that you should shop smart and think quality rather than quantity. Investing your money into only a handful of carefully selected, great looking yet basic and therefore versatile garments is a sure bet and the one most fashion magazines as well as career building specialists advise to all hoping to learn how to dress for a career in the chosen industry. These often expensive pieces will create a good base you can build upon by choosing relatively inexpensive trendy pieces to personalize your look and make it go from “office drab” to “office fab”!


Keep It Clean and Neat

Fresh make-up, fresh hairstyle and clean, carefully pressed wardrobe ought to be the foundation of your business look if you wish to be taken seriously. Believe me, no amount of designer wardrobe, expensive perfumes and high-priced can make up for the lack of these basic qualities. This might be the most unusual of my fashion tips but it’s the one you should remember in those days when you feel too exhausted to wash and style your hair or start thinking how nobody will notice a few wrinkles on your skirt. People do notice such things, believe me.


Natural Materials Are Your Best Friends

Shorts, miniskirts, skimpy dresses and plunging necklines are not appropriate office attire which leads us to the next problem – how are you supposed to keep your look professional during the upcoming hot months? The answer is in the natural materials as well as blends with enough synthetic fibers to keep them wrinkle-free and enough silk, linen or cotton to keep your skin pleasantly chilled, allowing you to look your best and feel comfy as you proceed with your daily tasks. Loose and flowing, belted or tailored to hug your curves, natural fabrics are not only the comfiest but best looking as well and will help you steer your business look from “cheap” and help it sail a steady course in the waters of “business chic”.


Keep It Smart Even when Being Casual

This is all fine and useful but how to dress for a career in industry a world away from the always busy gray suits, folks who can tell a last season’s pair of shoes or confident and graceful, almost noble-looking figures who can talk a man into trusting them with everything he owns? What if your dream job involves hosting radio shows, writing books or editing magazines (and not the fashion ones)? Well, as appealing as it looks, you absolutely can’t allow yourself to show up for work in your sweatpants. A good pair of properly fitted jeans is allowed, as long as you plan to go casual chic rather than “urban lumberjack”. Working in a creative environment gives you a chance to let some of your work show in your style and working in an environment who couldn’t care less about how you dress as long as you get your job done will help you test your abilities to put together looks that are comfy but appropriate, business-y yet non-rigid… every place has its own dress code even if it doesn’t seem that way and, yes, there are ways to blend in without crossing that fine line between work and leisure.


Leave Crazy Fashion out

Office is no place to practice your makeup skills and experiment with wacky nail polish shades and, although models are the only ones who can dress skimpily for work, you’d be surprised to know makeup and zany nails aren’t something they can allow themselves either… Leave sky-high platform pumps, animal prints and bright prints for parties and opt for metallic sheen, leather, neutrals, solid colors, geometric prints and don’t forget to keep your makeup natural and your nails neat and neutral.


Look for the Proper Fit

Speaking about fashion tips you might…no…will find useful while trying to assemble your office-friendly yet chic wardrobe - always but always remember to look for a proper fit, not only in terms of clothes but your accessories and footwear as well. Squeezing yourself into a size too small garment will be viewed as cheap, donning a size too large anything will look sloppy and the same can be said for ill-fitting or poorly chosen footwear and accessories. Dress not for the job you have but for the job you want, they say, and with that I must agree. Your efforts and skill will place you in the run for the better position and your attitude as well as the ability to dress the part can help you win it! And remember – you need to look admirable if you hope to lead your own team one day.


Personalize Your Look

Research, explore and keep your eyes open – that will help you learn how to dress for a career in any industry! Observe the people around you, the way they dress, the way others treat them and you’ll soon learn the heartbeat of your workspace. Ever-serious financiers prefer serious colors and yet, you can look very feminine in a perfectly-tailored suit even if your initial opinion of the color itself hasn’t been so great. A more casual working environment presumes dressing in a way that won’t scare your co-workers away while an artistic community allows you even more freedom - as long as your look stays pro rather than costumey.

Do you have some tips on how to dress for a career in a certain field and what fashion tips can you give to our both inexperienced and seasoned fashionistas?

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