7 Little Known Ways to Care for Your Designer Denim ...


7 Little Known Ways to Care for Your Designer Denim ...
7 Little Known Ways to Care for Your Designer Denim ...

Have you ever wondered how to care for denim? Did you ever feel like you were spending hundreds on designer jeans only to find that they’re losing their edgy and cool look with every wash? No worries doll! I’ve discovered 7 little known ways to care for your designer denim so you can preserve the sexy and cool look of your favorite jeans!

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Flip out

One easy tip on how to care for denim and preserve the life of your jeans is to flip them inside out before you throw them in the washing machine. Turning them inside out will help reduce any fading so this is great especially for dark wash denim but it’s a good habit to get into regardless of the color and if your jeans have any decorative add-ons, turning them out can protect other items in the wash.


Cold Wash

Another good way to care for your designer denim is to only use cold water to wash them. Check your washing machine to see if there are any special settings specifically for denim as some washing machines do and set yours to a jeans or dark cycle if you have it. If not, just set your washer to cold water and use a mild detergent to clean. Avoid any harsh detergents and hot water to keep your denim looking fresh!


Be Handy

Another step in how to care for denim is to hand-wash your duds. I know, this is time-consuming and boring but if you have an expensive pair of jeans that you absolutely adore and you don’t trust the ancient washing machines at the local fold n’ fluff, try it! Hand-washing your denim will ensure a delicate and thorough wash and you won’t have to worry about any surprises from the washing machine.


Wash Infrequently

This tip on caring for denim might seem counterintuitive, but it’s true! Washing your denim too often can damage the denim and fade the color. Unless your jeans get really dirty, like you spill food or drinks on it or you happen to get muddy for some reason, don’t bother washing them. Your jeans are totally okay to wear for a 2nd, 3rd, or 4th time before you wash them! Wearing your jeans as often as possible prior to the first wash will help them conform to your body as well as help preserve them!


Air Dry

The next step in how to care for denim requires you to save your dryer for other items of clothing and not your jeans. If your jeans aren’t too big and you want to shrink them down a size, skip the dryer and hang dry them. I know what you’re thinking, air dried clothes get crunchy. After you air dry your denim, throw them in the dryer for a few minutes on a fluff setting and they’ll be good as gold as well as soft!


Avoid Crowding

Another way to care for your jeans is to only wash your jeans with other jeans and no other pieces of clothing if possible. The one rule to remember is to avoid throwing more than 4 pairs of jeans together when you wash them. Washing too many pairs of jeans at once can damage your jeans due to the heavy weight of the denim. It can also cause problems for the washing machine.


Freeze out

Perhaps the simplest way to care for denim is to freeze them! Yes, you can skip the washing altogether by simply placing them in a bag and freezing them. Make sure your pockets are empty and brush them off first. Then, lay them out flat, fold, and place in a plastic bag in your freezer until the next day or when you’re going to wear them out again. This is the easiest step on how to care for denim, right?!

Start using any of these techniques to help preserve the life and look of your designer jeans, pronto! It’s such a shame to invest in a hot pair of jeans only for them to lose their shape or color by improperly caring for them! Do you use any of these methods on how to care for denim at home? What’s your favorite way to preserve your designer denim?

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