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Calvin Harris and Taylor Swift are definitely everyone’s favorite new couple of 2015, especially when this year appears to be the year of celebrity breakups. Not only are these two absolutely adorable together, but their style is just as eye-catching, especially when they coordinate their outfits! If you can’t get enough of this cute couple, this list will surely keep you entertained!

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Their First (Matching) Public Appearance

Their First (Matching) Public Appearance The first time we saw Taylor Swift and Calvin Harris together, I’m pretty sure that they were determined to make us all fall in love with them. As if they both weren’t equally gorgeous on their own, together it becomes even more ridiculous, and then when they matched outfits almost perfectly it became too much to handle. We didn’t know it yet, but matching outfits would be a recurring theme in their relationship.


That Time That They Matched in Black

That Time That They Matched in Black And again, Taylor and Calvin matched almost exactly in matching black shirts, dark jeans, and black leather jackets. They had to be planning these outfits together, right? How could we not fall in love with them when they look that good together, in outfits that are that simple but so stylish?


The Other Time They Matched in Black

The Other Time They Matched in Black Once again, Taylor and her love interest matched in black and wowed the world. This time, Taylor went for a sheer black number and dark jeans as she coyly held hands with Calvin, also in a black shirt, at her friends’ Haim’s concert. How do they make the simplest outfits look so cute? Maybe it’s just that they’re great together!


Her Tight Little Skirt and His Blazer

Her Tight Little Skirt and His Blazer Taylor became the physical embodiment of the lyrics in her song Style when she wore this “tight, little skirt” and Calvin wasn’t exactly a slouch either in his smart, navy blue blazer. His shoes matched his blazer nicely, and the light blue shirt was also a nice contrast. Regardless of what either of them wore, I think we were all just glad that they weren’t matching anymore, even if it was ridiculously cute!


Her Cat-Inspired Ensemble

Her Cat-Inspired Ensemble Remember a few months back when rumors started flying that Calvin was allergic to Taylor’s infamous cats? (Oh, the horror!) Well this may be Taylor’s sly little way of shutting those rumors down (if the fact that they’re still together didn’t.) In this picture, Taylor wore a white matching set alongside a bag with a cat’s face and cat shoes. Calvin wore his typical gray top and black pants ensemble that has quickly become his uniform on nights out with his love!


Their Big Night out at the BBMAs

Their Big Night out at the BBMAs This was Taylor Swift and Calvin Harris’s first official appearance together, and they really rocked it. Of course, Taylor wore that gorgeous white jumpsuit that we’re all still raving about, but paired next to Calvin’s monochromatic black outfit, it was absolutely perfect. They contrasted perfectly in their monochromatic outfits, and made us fall in love with them even more!


Her Crop Top and Overalls Look and His Gray Shirt

Her Crop Top and Overalls Look and His Gray Shirt I’m pretty sure that she started a new trend when she wore this crop top and overalls look, and although this outfit has become his uniform of sorts, it has a much deeper meaning than what first meets the eye! Although this looks like a slightly boring outfit, he recently gave this shirt to Taylor, and she was seen wearing it after a concert. It might mean love for these two!

What are your favorite Taylor and Calvin looks together? Let me know in the comments!

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What r they twins that thy have to match?

They look so cute together!

Yeah they are

#4 & 6...very cute!

I must be really out of touch, I had no idea they were together!

Are they currently dating?

Omg some people didn't know they were together!

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