Fab Inspos for Girls Who Love GiGi Hadids Style ...

By Sheila

Fab Inspos  for Girls Who Love GiGi Hadids Style  ...

Gigi Hadid is an absolute style maven! Her street style is casual yet chic with bohemian touches and her red carpet style is sexy and daring. Either way, we LOVE her fashion sense and can't get enough of it!

Table of contents:

  1. stripes, sneakers, and a messy sock bun
  2. perfection at coachella
  3. crop top and denims
  4. ready to hit the gym
  5. the shirt dress
  6. black and white
  7. daring in white
  8. what a beaut!
  9. well put together
  10. white jumpsuit
  11. love the high waisted bikini bottoms
  12. studded jacket
  13. happy yellow
  14. so colorful!
  15. peek-a-boo
  16. denim on denim
  17. so sleek and sexy
  18. black jumpsuit
  19. she knows how to travel in style
  20. white lace
  21. high waist pants and mirrored sunglasses
  22. thigh high split
  23. white on white
  24. crop top, distressed jeans, and a jacket
  25. making a statement

1 Stripes, Sneakers, and a Messy Sock Bun


2 Perfection at Coachella


3 Crop Top and Denims


4 Ready to Hit the Gym


5 The Shirt Dress


6 Black and White


7 Daring in White

amfAR,white,clothing,dress,wedding dress,

8 What a Beaut!

red carpet,flooring,carpet,fashion,dress,

9 Well Put Together


10 White Jumpsuit

clothing,dress,fashion,spring,fashion show,

11 Love the High Waisted Bikini Bottoms


12 Studded Jacket

Stock Exchange,clothing,footwear,jacket,denim,

13 Happy Yellow

dress,flooring,red carpet,supermodel,cocktail dress,

14 So Colorful!


15 Peek-a-boo


16 Denim on Denim


17 So Sleek and Sexy

clothing,man,fashion,fashion show,spring,

18 Black Jumpsuit

footwear,clothing,fashion,model,fashion show,

19 She Knows How to Travel in Style


20 White Lace

Cisco Proximity,clothing,dress,flooring,supermodel,

21 High Waist Pants and Mirrored Sunglasses


22 Thigh High Split


23 White on White

clothing,footwear,spring,fashion,fashion show,

24 Crop Top, Distressed Jeans, and a Jacket


25 Making a Statement

dress,flooring,fashion,supermodel,cocktail dress,

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