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Inspiring Fashion Model Quotes for Girls Needing a Boost ...

By Sheila

These fashion models are not just drop dead gorgeous but truly inspiring as well. You're going to love these quotes!

Table of contents:

  1. Miranda kerr on changing your life
  2. Tyra banks on perfection
  3. Tess munster on what really matters
  4. Cara delevingne on loving yourself
  5. Joelle kayembe on how we're all the same
  6. Heidi klum on paying it forward
  7. Kate moss on dressing up
  8. Alessandra ambrosio on the important things in life
  9. Karlie kloss on perseverance
  10. Twiggy on being yourself
  11. Miranda kerr on happiness
  12. Natalia vodianova on life lessons
  13. Chanel iman on self love
  14. Elle macpherson on how to achieve true happiness
  15. Victoria beckham on working hard
  16. Cindy crawford on wearing whatever you want despite your "flaws"
  17. Anja rubik on feminism
  18. Tyra banks on shining bright like a diamond
  19. Jada sezer on others' jealousy
  20. Marilyn monroe on true beauty

1 Miranda Kerr on Changing Your Life

2 Tyra Banks on Perfection

3 Tess Munster on What Really Matters

4 Cara Delevingne on Loving Yourself

5 Joelle Kayembe on How We're All the Same

6 Heidi Klum on Paying It Forward

7 Kate Moss on Dressing up

8 Alessandra Ambrosio on the Important Things in Life

9 Karlie Kloss on Perseverance

10 Twiggy on Being Yourself

11 Miranda Kerr on Happiness

12 Natalia Vodianova on Life Lessons

13 Chanel Iman on Self Love

14 Elle Macpherson on How to Achieve True Happiness

15 Victoria Beckham on Working Hard

16 Cindy Crawford on Wearing Whatever You Want despite Your "flaws"

17 Anja Rubik on Feminism

18 Tyra Banks on Shining Bright like a Diamond

19 Jada Sezer on Others' Jealousy

20 Marilyn Monroe on True Beauty

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