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Cheap Ways to Upgrade Your Spring Wardrobe ...

By Carly

Looking for some cheap ways to upgrade your spring wardrobe? For any fashion lover, the prospect of upgrading and innovating your wardrobe from season to season can be a time consuming, daunting and ultimately expensive task. You don’t want to keep on wearing the same garments that you have been wearing all year round, but at the same time you don’t want to have to push the boat out and splash the cash for a complete set of outfits, knowing full well that in another four months a new season will be upon us and you will be facing the very same problem again. Fear not! There are ways to get around this easily. Here are some cheap ways to upgrade your spring wardrobe.

1 Thrift Stores

Shopping in thrift stores is one of the best cheap ways to upgrade your spring wardrobe. They can be a goldmine of fashion inspiration for a snip of the original price! Don’t be fooled into thinking that thrift stores are filled with moth bitten, raggedy items, if you have the time to spend browsing the racks, we can guarantee that you will come away with a few legendary finds that will make all the difference to your seasonal wardrobe.

2 Explore Your Mum’s Clothes

You might not like the idea of grabbing your mum’s old hand me downs, but if your style is particularly retro or vintage, you might be surprised at what you could find just a stone’s throw away! The same goes for your grandma’s closet. She was also a young woman once, and she didn’t always wear those comfortable slacks and cardigans!

3 Swap Party

A clever way to mix up your wardrobe without actually having to spend any money is to organise a swap party with a bunch of friends. Everybody brings a bag of clothing that they want to get rid of, and you proceed to browse each other’s things and make appropriate swaps when you find something that you like! It’s a nifty way to put new outfits together without having to spend a single penny.

4 Garage Sale

We’re sure that you have more than just old clothes to get rid of in your home. Do a huge spring clear out and proceed to hold a garage sale right out front of your house. You can then use the proceeds of that sale toward purchasing some new items for yourself that will really boost the look and freshness of your seasonal wardrobe!

5 Revisit the Back of Your Closet

We’ve all got that area in our closets that hasn’t been looked at or sifted through for months, maybe even years! You are a stylish person by nature, which means that those clothes you haven’t set eyes on for ages are going to be stylish garments! Get in there and dig out the items that you forgot you even had and find ways to work them back into your current cycle of clothing. This will make it feel like you have purchased a whole new set of clothes for the season.

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