Use These Easy Tricks to Be More Stylish in a Flash ...

By Carly

Use These Easy Tricks to Be More Stylish in a Flash ...

When you look at the most popular fashionistas on Instagram and the celebrities that are constantly lauded for their clothing and accessory choices, it’s clear to see that style is something that comes naturally to some, but not so naturally to others. After all, if we all had amazing style off the bat, there would never be any best and worst dressed lists in magazines and online all the time! The thing about style is that it is pretty much totally subjective depending on what your personal likes and dislikes are, but there’s no denying that a few ground rules exist that everyone could do with following. Here are some easy tricks that will help you to become instantly more stylish!

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1 Statement Jewellery

hair, human hair color, photo shoot, hairstyle, long hair, Adding awesome statement jewellery to any outfit is a sure fire way to boost its impact and style. You could be wearing something as simple as jeans and a fitted tee, but if you pair it with the right pieces, you go from looking street casual to street chic in no time at all.

2 Third Piece

shoulder, black hair, outerwear, long hair, girl, Make sure that you understand the value of a third piece to completely elevate and change an ensemble. Once you have your base outfit of bottom and top, find a third piece like a leather jacket or a vest that can become the third addition to the party and really raise the style stakes.

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3 Vintage Mix

clothing, jeans, footwear, shoulder, denim, If all your go-to clothes are relatively new creations, then an easy way to add lots of style to the equation is by adding something vintage to the mix. Head to toe vintage might not always seem appropriate for the office, but incorporating one piece that harkens to an older, chicer past is so cool.

4 Unexpected Opposites

footwear, shoulder, beauty, shoe, girl, Experiment with creating unexpected opposites in your outfits. Try something super feminine with a pair of old sneakers, or a flowing skirt with a statement tee than might usually be better suited to a pair of jeans. If something isn’t a trend, it’s only because nobody has been brave enough to try it yet!

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5 Off the Shoulder

clothing, pink, dress, shoulder, cocktail dress, This tip might not be practical for all-day wear, but when it comes to adding style to your selfies and photos, slipping one shoulder of a jacket off is perfect. It gives an instantly different dimension to your outfit and gives off those casual, carefree vibes that stars like Rihanna can pull of so well.

6 Belts

fashion model, lingerie, shoulder, model, outerwear, If you like, then you should have put a belt on it! Belts are a simple and effective way to create an entirely new silhouette for an old outfit. Whether you want to belt a dress or try something more adventurous like a belted trench coat look, you will definitely add immediate style to whatever you choose!

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