Simple Wardrobe Tweaks to Turn You from Drab to Fab ...


Simple Wardrobe Tweaks to Turn You from Drab to Fab ...
Simple Wardrobe Tweaks to Turn You from Drab to Fab ...

Have you ever put together an outfit and thought that something is just missing or slightly 'off'? With a few wardrobe tweaks, you can easily turn a simple or drab outfit into fabulous! In this article you will find easy ways to update your outfit that rightly matches your confidence!

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Cut the Bottom Hem of Your Jeans

color, clothing, red, human positions, sitting, I recently had a pair of too-long, dark wash, boot cut designer jeans tailored to fit a straight leg. After the tailoring, they suddenly felt like a mom jean and I wasn't happy. I decided to cut off the bottom hem, about 1 inch, and throw them in the washer and dryer. What emerged was a minimally distressed yet updated and chic pair of dark denim that I absolutely love. Playing with clothing's texture can be fun and this is an easy way to do it!


DIY Distressed Jeans

footwear, blue, shoe, leg, arm, Like the above tip, you can create the distressed look not only on the bottom hem but all over your jeans. Small rips, tears, and abrasions done at home can create the perfect pair of distressed denim! DYI videos are widely available for a step-by-step guide.


Adjust Your Shoe Laces

white, black, clothing, footwear, tights, Athletic shoes are not just functional for working out but are in style as well. They are easy to wear and make your feet happy! Sometimes athletic shoes are laced in a way that makes them look a little dorky or the opposite of street-style fab. Re-lace them, tuck in the laces at the end and you suddenly have a more modern slip-on sneaker! There are numerous ways to lace a shoe that totally changes its look.


Add a Light-weight Scarf

Add a Light-weight Scarf I love scarfs and the way they make an outfit look. It's an alternative to wearing jewelry but adds the same amount of 'wow'. A light-weight scarf is easy to wear in all seasons and looks fabulous as well!


Remove an Accessory

hair, black hair, clothing, photography, hairstyle, Always remember that sometimes less is more, especially when it comes to accessorizing. One statement piece is all you need to make an outfit stand out. Too many pieces can be overwhelming and chaotic. If you're prone to over-accessorizing, walk by a mirror and remove a piece. It might just be the key to making you stand out!


Change Your Shoes

hair, clothing, woman, beauty, dress, Often times an outfit isn't quite right simply because the shoes don't work well with it! It seems like an easy fix, but shoes can be so hard to select from. A fun idea is to base your outfit on what shoes you want to wear. Try it next time you're planning an outfit!


Partially Tuck-in Your Shirt

hair, human action, clothing, person, human positions, The half-tuck is a great way to show off your whole outfit and keep it looking polished. It consists of partially tucking in your shirt from the front in a relaxed way. This wardrobe tweak is really great for when you're wearing a boxy top and don't want to look bigger around your waiste.

I love it when I change one small thing about my outfit and it makes such a big difference in how it looks and how I feel in it! Would you care to share any other awesome wardrobe tweaks?

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Classic black paten leather pumps, mascara and lip gloss can change any outfit to be ready to go out in just a few minutes. I keep mine in my car just in case.

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