7 Clothing Tips for Girls with Small Busts ...


7 Clothing Tips for Girls with Small Busts ...
7 Clothing Tips for Girls with Small Busts ...

A lot of women aren’t happy with the fact that they have a small bust. However, they shouldn’t be, because it actually opens up a lot more fashion opportunities than most women realize. If you have a small bust but think that it’s impairing your fashion sense, follow this list of tips for your most fashionable style ever!

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Embrace the High Necklines That Others Can’t

white, clothing, sleeve, outerwear, fashion accessory, If you have a small bust, you don’t really know how lucky you are in the high neckline department. Some of the cutest clothes in the world have a high neckline, but not everyone can pull it off. If you have a bigger bust, it can feel restricting and a little claustrophobic to wear a high neckline, which immediately cuts out a lot of options for you. If you have a small bust, rock the high necklines that others can’t with pride!


You are in the perfect position to try all those trendy turtlenecks, mock necks, and halter tops that are on the racks. While others might shy away from these neck-hugging numbers, your physique makes you the ideal candidate. Not only do they add a touch of sophistication to your look, but they also draw attention upwards, towards your face. So next time you’re out shopping, lean into those chic collars and bold patterns. Make a statement with your silhouette and enjoy the freedom your form allows when it comes to these fashionable staples.


But Don’t Be Afraid to Go Low-Cut

clothing, black hair, leg, dress, thigh, Just because you don’t have a big bust doesn’t mean you can’t rock a low neckline too! If anything, it makes even easier for you to rock a low neckline! Wear something that’s so low it looks like a dramatic statement of your look. A super-low neckline on a dress (especially if it reaches down past your rib cage) will look so chic and requires little maintenance if you have a small bust, because you won’t have to worry about falling out as much as if you had a bigger bust.


Layering with a delicate lace cami or a bandeau can add an interesting dimension to your look while providing some coverage. Bold accessories like a long, pendant necklace can draw the eye vertically, emphasizing the statement your outfit makes. Choosing the right fabric is crucial too; silky or flowy materials can drape beautifully over your frame, enhancing the elegance of your ensemble. Always remember, confidence is your best accessory, and wearing a low-cut number with poise can make you look every bit the fashionista.


Opt for an Open Back

white, clothing, lady, girl, beauty, If you don’t feel comfortable wearing something low in the front, wear something that’s backless, or at least has a somewhat open back. It’s just as chic and will turn just as many heads, but it’s a more comfortable option if you aren’t ready to wear a low neckline just yet!


Wear Some Embellishment if You’re Insecure

clothing, outerwear, sleeve, coat, fur, If you’re feeling insecure about your small bust and want a way to draw attention away from it, wear some embellishment around your bust. Whether that means frills on your top or some other texture, if you think it balances you out on top and you feel more comfortable and confident in something like that, wear it to feel like your best self!


Stick to Fitted Clothes

clothing, pink, dress, red, sleeve, There’s nothing wrong with wearing looser clothes, especially if that’s what you feel most confident in, but fitted clothes are just as important. The more fitted your clothes are, the more that you’ll show off your gorgeous waistline (try something like a wrap dress to really show off) and it will create an hourglass figure to help balance out your hips and your bust. People won’t even know that you think you don’t have a very big bust, because the fitted clothes will completely hide that!


Follow the Open Side Trend

white, clothing, leg, dress, thigh, Side-boob is a trend that is not going away any time soon. If you have a small bust, you really don’t know how lucky you are that you can rock this trend. The bigger the bust, the more outlandish this look can become, and quickly. If you have a small bust, wear clothes and dresses with open sides because it’s such a big trend, and just because you can!


Jump on the Masculine Trend Too

clothing, outerwear, spring, fashion, textile, Women have been so into masculine clothing lately that it’s quickly becoming feminine clothing as well. Can you blame us, really? Men clothes are so much more comfortable! If you have a small bust, relish in all of the cute masculine trends that you get to wear that everyone else looks ridiculous in!

How do you dress for a small bust? Let me know in the comments!

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I don't have a small bust but I can wear these.

Where can I find the outfits in 5 and 6?

My wrap dress does because I get complimented on how good 💃🏼it looks on me.

All these just about a woman with bigger boobs can pull it off to. Just in a different way .

Wrap dresses actually don't look very good on small busts. Also while this article is directed towards small busted women, it's not saying that women with bigger boobs can't pull them off too. It's just to help those of us who feel unsure of how to dress when we don't have much in the boob area.

My bust size is 36c....should I consider it small or not Just thinking about it..

Nice article

Wrap dress???

I wear padded bras to enhance my breast size

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