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Award season is the best time of the year if you’re a fashion lover, because it means that every weekend is dedicated to dissecting the best fashion on the red carpets. If you, like me, are a little underwhelmed by the monotony we’ve seen so far on the red carpet, this list is sure to excite you. In my opinion, the two colors we’ve seen the most on the red carpet this year are beige and red. Don’t get me wrong, everyone who’s worn these colors has looked awesome, but I’m ready for someone to shake it up! The red dresses are starting to blend in with the red carpet! I’m ready for something different, and if you are too, this list is sure to make you happy!

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Yellow I don’t know about you, but I’m more than ready to see something bright on the red carpet! I know that Taylor Swift wore yellow to a Golden Globes after-party, but she wasn’t on the red carpet. So far, no one has tried a choice as major on the red carpet, but I’m ready to see someone rock it in yellow!



Pink A few people have worn pink on the red carpet this season, but no one’s really stunned me. It’s not easy with a color as subtle as pink, but I’d love to see someone wear something hot pink or magenta. It could be the most boring dress on the carpet, but if it were a shade of pink, I think I’d fall in love with it!



Aquamarine There has been a noticeable lack of blue on the red carpet this year. As we all pine away hopelessly for summer, I’d love to see a star bring the ocean to us and rock a gorgeous aquamarine blue shade on the carpet!



Black We have seen enough black dresses on the red carpet to last a lifetime. However, so far this year, all of the black dresses have fallen flat, at least in my opinion. I want to see someone wear black and look like the movie star they probably already are! No matter the style, when I see someone rock a black dress on the red carpet, they will undoubtedly become one of my best dressed of this season!



Purple Lupita Nyong’o just wore one of the most gorgeous purple dresses at the Golden Globes, but I want to see more people go for it too! One of my favorite red carpet looks lately was the purple Ellie Saab dress Lily Collins wore to the Love, Rosie premiere in Rome. I want to see more majestic choices like Lupita and Lily wore!

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Pastels Maybe I just really want spring to be here as quickly as possible, but there seems to be a noticeable lack of pastels on the carpet. I’m not saying that I want the red carpet to look like an Easter egg, but some softer shades would be nice to see too!



Gold It seems like everyone has worn varying shades of nude and beige on the red carpet this year. I’m hoping that the next person to go this route adds some bling to this year’s trend. I want to see someone steal the show in a gorgeous gold ensemble!

What are you hoping to see on the red carpet this year? Let me know in the comments!

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The aqua is nice!

White would be nice

White and black never goes old

Totally agree with black

I love this

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