Fabulous Fashion Finds You Need for Fall of 2015 ...


Fabulous Fashion Finds You Need for Fall of 2015 ...
Fabulous Fashion Finds You Need for Fall of 2015 ...

The trends of Fall 2015 are here! It’s always fun to see what’s new on the fashion front and what’s sticking around from last season. Are you ready to exchange your summer clothes for some new finds? Here’s what you’ll find at the front of fashion this season.

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Draped Cardigans

Draped Cardigans Have you seen the lovely draped cardigans that are popping up everywhere? It’s a new spin on an old classic. Think jagged hemlines that lie perfectly stacked to resemble hills and valleys. Cardigans are the perfect thing to grab when the temps start to drop but you’re not quite ready to pull out a true coat yet. They’re also perfect for the office or to layer over leggings and a tank.


Blanket Scarves

Blanket Scarves Scarves aren’t going anywhere, but they’re no longer only fashionable in regular or infinity styles. Blanket scarves began making their appearance last winter and they’re sticking around through this winter as well. They’re the perfect accessory and can dress up a plain top. They’re warm and cuddly, which is something we all love in an accessory. And if you need some help on how to wear them, there’s no shortage of tutorials to give you some guidance online.



Kimonos Oh, kimonos! They’re lovely, feminine and just altogether delicate, which makes them impossible to resist, at least for me. If you don’t have one yet then you’re missing out. They can be worn over a tank, tee or long sleeve top. Throw one on over a solid dress or pair it with jeans for a casual night out. I can’t wait to add a few more of these to my closet.


Ankle Boots

Ankle Boots Ah, ankle boots. It seems our love affair with you ebbs and flows. You’re out for a few seasons and then you’re back and this year, you’re back in a big way. Ankle boots are everywhere and are guaranteed to be a fashion staple this fall. They’re the perfect shoe choice until you need taller boots to keep the snow out. Another thing to love about them is that you can wear them now with your skirts or shorts.


Fringe on Everything

Fringe on Everything I’m not sure how I feel about the fringe trend. But whatever side you fall on, love it or hate it, there’s no shortage of it in stores. It’s adorning tops, coats, purses and boots. There are even jewelry pieces designed with fringe as the inspiration. I think it’s one of those trends that’s okay, but you don’t want to go overboard and wear 5 pieces of it at the same time. However, personal fashion statements are what style is all about.


Aztec or Tribal Prints

Aztec or Tribal Prints This trend is on the up and up; it seems to keep gaining in popularity. There are lots of different ways to wear this print. If you prefer your patterns in a small pop then choose a wallet or some socks that’ll barely show. Small accessories are a way to try out a new pattern before you take the dive into something bolder. If you know this trend’s for you then you can easily find Aztec or tribal prints in leggings, tunics, purses, scarves and more.


Layered Necklaces

Layered Necklaces Move over statement necklaces, layered necklaces may be knocking you out of the top spot you’ve held for so long. This is a trend I’m excited to try. Layered necklaces are lovely with any casual top or over a tank and blazer for an edgy work look. There’s really no wrong way to wear this jewelry piece. Can you tell I’m slightly stoked over it?

These are some of the fab fall trends you can expect to see in the upcoming weeks. Which ones will make it into your closet? I can’t wait to hear which ones you love!

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I love all of them. I have everything on this list but I'll still buy more fringe!

1 and 2 and the necklace !

Im here for waterfall jackets, suede anything, neutrals and structured bags 😊

I love all of them

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