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No matter what shape or size you are, we can all come together and agree on some of the most common clothing problems that women know all too well. These fashion struggles are so ridiculously pervasive that they are globally understood by women of all ages. However one good thing that comes out of these universal issues is that several women have learned how to deal with them in their own little ways and I am here to share some of these simple solutions to the most common clothing problems.

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Sweater Snags

One of the most common clothing problems are sweaters with snags. A single pulled thread can completely ruin the look of your knitwear, but not to worry because making minor adjustments to your sweaters is easier than you might think! All you need to do is to disperse the thread by pulling it in the reverse direction and smoothing out your sweater. The snag could have easily pulled the material out of shape, so gently stretching it to the previous condition should do the trick. If you still end up having a hard time, find a small hook which can assist you in pulling the snag back to its original position.


Deodorant Marks

No matter how carefully you tend to apply your deodorant, some of it always ends up staining your shirt. Fortunately after reading this post, you shouldn’t have a problem of getting rid of these pesky white stains because the answer to your prayers lies right in your drawer! I am more than confident that you have a stash of old pantyhose laying around somewhere, so why not put it to good use. Next time you see deodorant marks just use your nylons as a sponge to rub off the last of the stains. Trust me it works!


Runs and Holes in Stockings

Speaking of nylons, do you seem to constantly get runs and holes in your stockings no matter how carefully you walk or sit? The expense of having to replace your ruined stockings adds up very quickly, so here is how to fix your reoccurring problem. Whenever you notice a run, it is important to act on it immediately. Just grab a bottle of clear nail polish and dab a little bit around the hole. While the nail polish may appear slightly visible, it will prevent the runs from getting worse!


Strapless Tops That Keep Falling off

Strapless tops and dresses are simple yet chic, which makes them perfect for almost any occasion and while they look effortless to wear, they are a lot more work than they might seem. Strapless tops always end up sliding and falling everywhere causing quite a distraction. Fortunately there is a quick fix that requires a double-sided fashion tape! Just purchase two-sided fashion tape at any department store and place a long strip along the inside portion of the dress or top!


Sheer Tops and Flash Photography

Sheer tops are very tricky to work with since they can be very deceiving in different lighting. We’ve all learned about this when we took flash photography while wearing one. Talk about embarrassing! Unfortunately the only solutions to this common problem are tank tops and nude bras. The nude bra will be completely undetectable under most of the sheerest tops but a tank underneath will make it more appropriate for work or school.


Panty Lines

Panty lines don’t mesh well with clean and classy looks; they take away from the whole look and put attention exactly where you don’t want it to be. So whenever you are wearing thin skirts or leggings, be very conscious of your undergarments. Picking the right material and cut is the key! Elastic or spandex panties will seamlessly blend in while cotton panties can accentuate the harsh lines. However if you don’t want to take any chances, thongs will not let you down.


Falling Bra Straps

There is nothing more bothersome than having to constantly pull up your bra straps throughout the day. However this doesn’t have to be a problem for you any longer because there are quite a few solutions. Surprisingly what many women forget is that bra straps are adjustable so if you have yet to try this solution, it might be what you are looking for. Nonetheless if that doesn’t work, you can always purchase affordable bra strap concealers that are available almost at any department stores or online.

While we might be giving off an appearance that fashion is easy, it does require a lot of tricks to combat some of the most common fashion frustrations. What are some of your most common clothing problems and how do you deal with them?

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What are bra strap concealers?

Your a life saver

i did know there were such a thing as fashion tapes

Yes falling bra straps are such a nuisance. I must try and get these concealers

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