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Let me give you a little tip on the reasons not to worry about fashion - it’s not worth your time! In a society filled with photoshopped, airbrushed models wearing over-priced articles of clothing for the sake of "fashion," worrying about wearing the new fad can do some serious damage to self-esteem! While some use fashion as a way of expressing themselves, getting there is not always easy for everyone. Still not convinced? Don’t fret! Here’s a list of reasons not to worry about fashion.

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Body Image

Number one on the list of reasons not to worry about fashion is what it can do to your body image. The models on the runway or painted on the covers of magazines and billboards don’t look like the average woman. Women suffer severe depression and anxiety that cause eating disorders and unhealthy states of mind when looking at models. It’s hard to separate the clothes from the body, when you think, "If only I looked like her, I could be happy, too." Love your body for the way it is, for you are beautiful too.


Fashion Can Be Expensive

Not only do most people not look like runway models, some (like myself) don’t have the means to be buying high fashion clothing. Have you seen the price of those Jimmy Choo’s or that new Alexander McQueen line? Yikes! I’d rather buy from department and discount stores than keep up with the high price of fashion.


Fashion Changes

Like the seasons, fashion changes all the time. If you’re not a fashionista like me, it’s hard to keep up with what’s in and what’s out. I like going for classic, timeless pieces that never go out of style, than follow the new hottest fashion fad. Sure, I love certain pieces that come out during the fashion seasons, however, there are too many for me and my wallet to keep up with! Don’t worry about trying to figure it out.


Fashion Does Not Equal Style

Have you ever seen something on the runway and thought, "Wow, does anyone actually wear this?" Or have you seen a girl on a magazine wearing what looks like the most uncomfortable arrangement of clothing? Fashion does not always equate to having a great sense of style! I’d rather wear what looks good on me and feels comfortable to me than wear something just because it’s in style or what the new trend is in fashion. Look presentable and professional when necessary, and fun and comfortable when needed. Develop your own style, instead of copying what the fashion is.


Comfort over Fashion

Sometimes it’s better to feel comfortable than looking like you just walked off a photo shoot for Dolce & Gabbana. I almost never wear heels because I’m a person who’s always on the go. While those Louboutins are super cute, I know I’d feel way more comfortable heading to work in some oxfords and heading out on a date in flats. Don’t worry what everyone else is wearing. Wear clothes that makes you feel comfortable and great in your own skin!


Be You!

Above all, don’t feel pressured by society to keep up with fashion! If that’s not something you want, don’t do it. Don’t be a copy of those runway models. Be an original you. Whatever you feel comfortable doing, do it! Don’t let your clothes and fashion dictate your life. Only you have that power.


More Important Things to Worry about

If those did not stop you from worrying about fashion, just know this - fashion is very trivial. There are more important things you can spend your time worrying about and being able to actually make a difference. Help a homeless shelter, go to an animal sanctuary, visit children’s hospitals, make a donation to a charity, do whatever you can to make the world a better place! What you wear does not define you, but your actions do. Worry about the important stuff instead.

Given that fashion is not something worth your time to worry about, then maybe you shouldn’t worry so much about it! Find a way to be comfortable in your own skin and develop your own personal style, something to best compliment all your amazing qualities. And if you still feel like worrying about it, channel those emotions into doing some closet cleaning and donating your clothes to someone in need. Then, at least you’ll have the excuse - uh, I mean reason - to go shop for something new. Fashion does not define you. You define yourself. What are some things you always used to worry about when it came to fashion? How did you overcome it?

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not all models are sickly fyi

its a good post ...!!

I think that all your Posts are fantastic! Especially this one Thanks

Love this article!!!!

I am in school for fashion merchandising (I might have a biased opinion) but if you find the right style of clothing you can make your body look amazing, so body image isn't a big problem. as for prices I always go to thrift stores and h&m or forever 21 (I'm a broke college student) and styles come back too! you should keep a lot of your clothes and just style it differently so it works in every season! style can also be comfortable, just look for tees/sweaters/comfy jeans and do it up with hair and makeup and a piece of jewelry! you can still be yourself if you care about fashion- that's what fashion is about- so I don't know why it says "be you" under reasons not to care about fashion.

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