25 Cute Cover Ups That Double as Dresses ...


When you're traveling, room to pack can be limited. If you're looking for a way to condense what you're packing, I have the ultimate tip. Wear cover ups during the day, but wear them as dresses at night. It will save you so much room! These are some of the cutest cover ups turned dresses you'll find!

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Crochet Dress

clothing,dress,woman,girl,beauty, Source: Gorgeous one shoulder lace mini
Crochet makes the perfect bathing suit cover up or summer sundress!


Blue Lace Dress

electric blue,clothing,blue,sleeve,cobalt blue, Source: wheretoget.it
Stand out with this bright blue dress!


Deep V Cut out

hair,clothing,beauty,hairstyle,supermodel, Source: Reformation
If you're looking for a summer dress that shows a little more skin and a cover up that lets your skin breathe, this is perfect for you!


Unique Pattern

hair,clothing,dress,photography,beauty, Source: Daily Chic | Daily Chic
This unique floral pattern is so different from any cover up or dress I've ever seen!


Gray Wrap Dress

clothing,dress,swimwear,footwear,supermodel, Source: Grey Plain Condole Belt Pleated
This wrap dress is sultrier than the typical sundress, and the material makes it the perfect cover up.


Pirate Inspired

hair,white,clothing,blue,girl, Source: Jen's Pirate Booty Whipping post
This off-the-shoulder dress is so cute and pirate-inspired, but it's also the perfect dress or cover up!


Black and White Stripes

clothing,day dress,sleeve,dress,sleeveless shirt, Source: Forty Knots Dress White
I love the free-flowing nature of this dress. It's loose enough to be a cover up but it's also a shape that would be a gorgeous dress.


Go Bold

clothing,dress,sleeve,fashion,photo shoot, Source: Trina Turk 2013 Yukateca Black
It's obvious that this was initially mean to be a cover-up, but couldn't you see yourself wearing this on a night out to dinner?


Mediterranean Look

white,clothing,sleeve,blouse,fashion accessory, Source: Beige Batwing Sleeve Embroidery Bandeau
The embroidery detailing on this dress is absolutely stunning. It reminds me of a Mediterranean vacation.


Every Color of the Rainbow

clothing,dress,sleeve,outerwear,costume, Source: popsu.gr
This brightly colored kimono could be a gorgeous dress is styled properly!


Floral Cover up

clothing,blue,vacation,boat,sea, Source: Wear it's At
I love everything about this cover up turned dress, from the colors, to the accessories, and even the style of the dress.


Blues, and Pinks, and Purples, Oh My!

clothing,day dress,sleeve,turquoise,aqua, Source: Tolani Zoe Dress in Turq
These jewel tones are just absolutely stunning.


Tunic Dress

blue,clothing,girl,beauty,season, Source: ALLYandASHLEY.com
This dress is so unique, but my favorite part are the long tassels. They add something to the look!


Striped Button-down Dress

clothing,sleeve,outerwear,dress,pattern, Source: Stripe tunic
This cover up is so sleek and sophisticated.


Dress Alternative

color,clothing,green,girl,pink, Source: Metro Retro Exuma Pants
Are you not one for dresses when it comes to cover ups? Try a patterned pair of pants instead. They're just as easily convertible!


Muted Neon Cover up

pink,clothing,sleeve,dress,pattern, Source: daintyhooligan.com
The muted neon pink color of this cover up is just so unique and fun for either a dress or a cover up!


White with Cutouts

white,clothing,sleeve,dress,wedding dress, Source: White Plain Hollow-out Lace Chiffon
This jumpsuit gives the illusion of a dress with the chic touch of the cutouts and inlets!


Convertible Cover up

day dress,clothing,dress,orange,sleeve, Source: Turn Any Yard of Fabric
This cover up converts from a towel to a cover up and can easily be worn as a dress as well!


Blue and White Tie Dye

clothing,day dress,blue,sleeve,dress, Source: JARLO Bridgette Dress in Blue
Not only could you wear this cover up as a dress, but you could even tie it up to make it look like a t-shirt with a pair of jean shorts!


Details, Details, and More Details

clothing,dress,vacation,spring,fashion, Source: Olivia Palermo and Tamara Beckwith
The details are what make this cover up double as a dress, in my opinion.


Mint Swing Dress

clothing,day dress,dress,sleeve,cocktail dress, Source: amazinglace.com
I love the different straps and shape of this cover up turned dress.


Coral Cover up

clothing,dress,sleeve,spring,cocktail dress, Source: The Cheap Diva: Cheap Summer
I love that this dress is slouchy without being frumpy. The tie around the middle makes it easily convertible between a cover up and a dress.


Crochet Lace Dress or Beach Cover up from Vintage Lace Tablecloth Pattern Tutorial

white,clothing,art,textile,pattern, Source: kitschbitsch.com.au


Convert to Cold

white,clothing,sleeve,dress,outerwear, Source: Trimmed Sauble Tunic
If the days are warm but the nights are not, wear this as a cover up during the day, and a tunic with a pair of leggings or jeans at night.


Sultry Red

clothing,red,dress,orange,peach, Source: DIY: Haz tu propio vestido-pareo
The red in this dress is so hot for the beach or a night out!

How are you converting cover ups to dresses this year? Let me know in the comments!

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