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25 Adorable Dresses for a Fun Retro Style ...

By Teresa

Retro style is definitely back this year! If you're looking to get in on the trend but are lost when it comes to where to start, this is the perfect list for you. I've compiled the best retro dresses, from full A-line skirts to more slimming silhouettes, and I've got you covered. With this list, you're sure to find a gorgeous retro dress to wear this summer!

1 Mint and Polka Dots

Mint and Polka DotsSource: Vintage May guest: I’m Thinking…
The retro style of this dress is only accentuated by the mint and polka dots!

2 Full Skirt

Full SkirtSource: The Doll Wardrobe: Reader Submission
Don't you just love the light blue A-line skirt of this dress?


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3 Casual Retro Dress

Casual Retro DressSource: A Pin-Up Party Dress
It's so hard finding a retro dress that isn't too fancy. This is the answer to that problem!

4 Sophisticated Fun

Sophisticated FunSource: Navy Mistress Mad Men Vintage
Everything about this dress is so sophisticated, from the skirt to the neckline!

5 Big Polka Dots

Big Polka DotsSource: vintage 1950s dress / 50s
These big polka dots are so dramatic and retro!

6 Polka Dot Retro

Polka Dot RetroSource: Aisle Style: The top 3
I love the style of this dress paired with the color and polka dots!

7 Crazy Floral

Crazy FloralSource: Lindy Bop Retro Dresses
This floral may look busy at first, but the aqua blue helps pull it all together!

8 Simple Polka Dots

Simple Polka DotsSource:
Not only is this silhouette absolutely stunning, but the tiny polka dots just add a beautiful touch!

9 Bright Red

Bright RedSource: How to Identify Your Own
This bright red skirt and her hair make me want to only ever dress like it's the 1950s!

10 Muted Pattern

Muted PatternSource: What Olivia Did...: Sunshine and
This muted but bright pattern adds such a cute touch to this dress.

11 Simple Silhouette

Simple SilhouetteSource: Everly's Latest Lookbook Has Us
This simple silhouette is just stunning.

12 Peter Pan Collar

Peter Pan CollarSource: Modest Clothing for Women: Cute
It doesn't get much more retro than a Peter Pan collar and polka dots!

13 Jackie O Inspired

Jackie O InspiredSource: Summer’s coolest couple by Chris
This is definitely an outfit that I think we could've seen Jackie O wearing!

14 Retro Wedding Dress

Retro Wedding DressSource: Michelle - Dana Bolton
Do you want to go retro for your wedding? This tea-length dress is the one to wear.

15 Black, White, and Red All over

Black, White, and Red All overSource: 4 timeless & chic bachelorette
This full skirt with the stripes is so retro, and the red heels are a nice pop of color!

16 White and Yellow

White and YellowSource: 26 Fashion Rules You Should
This is definitely a dress that could've been worn in the 1950s. I love the colors!

17 Blue Plaid Airplane Style

Blue Plaid Airplane StyleSource: Friday Favorites
Don't you wish we all looked like this when getting off of an airplane? So stylish!

18 Peter Pan Collar Dress

Peter Pan Collar DressSource: Liana - Woolen Tartan Dress
Another Peter Pan collar won't hurt!

19 Slimming Silhouette

Slimming SilhouetteSource: Dress of the Day: Pied
Not only are the polka dots retro, but the silhouette of the dress is straight out of the 1950s!

20 Bright Colors

Bright ColorsSource: Modest Clothing for Women: Cute
Not only are the bright colors in the dress adorable, but the pop of pink in the shoes adds a great touch!

21 Full Peach Skirt

Full Peach SkirtSource: Learning Creating Living: Favorites Wednesday
I absolutely love this full, peach skirt!

22 Time Traveler

Time TravelerSource: Elise New Peach Rose Dress
It seriously looks like this dress (and the model!) just stepped out of the 1950s.

23 So Different

So DifferentSource: Alfred Sung D448 Bridesmaid Dress
This dress is definitely a change from the norm, but it's so chic!

24 Pink Retro Style

Pink Retro StyleSource: Alfred Sung D570 Bridesmaid Dress
Everything about this dress is perfectly updated retro, from the cap sleeves to the skirt.

25 Great Gatsby

Great GatsbySource: 2 Downton Abbey Costumes Ideas
Need some 1940s outfit inspiration? This is it!

Which of these dresses was your favorite? Let me know in the comments!

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