8 Trendy Items for Summer 2013 That You Should Own NOW ...


8 Trendy Items for Summer 2013 That You Should Own NOW ...
8 Trendy Items for Summer 2013 That You Should Own NOW ...

The trendy items for summer 2013 I’m going to list below are probably well known to all the fashion bloggers around the world. But guess what? That doesn’t make them unattainable or hard to mix and match with clothes the average gal has in her closet! You can choose some or all of these too, and ensure an on trend, glamorous, show stopping appearance anywhere you go. Check out the trendy items for summer 2013 that I like and find both versatile and wearable on day to day basis.

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Colorful Neon Bracelets

Colorful Neon Bracelets Whether you opt for an intricate macramé, a simple skinny friendship bracelet, a Lucite piece or some other cool design, you should definitely have neon colors in mind. Gold and neon look especially cool together too, and would be my choice for the season. But neon bracelets aren’t just some trendy items for summer 2013 – they are also a great way to rock these bright, summer colors in a budget-friendly way and even look great against bronzy, sun-kissed skin. I call this cute, fun but glam Marc by Marc Jacobs piece! What about you?


Graphic Print

Graphic Print Want my advice? Skip the tights and go for a nice dress, skirt, top or, even better, all three of them! Bold prints are definitely my favorite summer 2013 trends (tights excluded), and the fact that we can now mismatch them for added pizzazz doesn’t hurt either! I’d go for a cute little miniskirt, such as this fab metallic piece I found at Romwe, and have a blast both matching and clashing it or, in short, using it to create tons of different looks!


Holo Shine

Holo Shine Holographic shine is a must-try, apparently, giving you some seriously unusual choices to experiment with. Top your party outfit off with a mesmerizing hologram clutch, put together a starry look by opting for a garment in this unusual color or play it safe by keeping the hologram effect contained. I’d choose the latter, relying on a China Glaze Don't Be A Luna Tic nail polish to provide me with a fab, eye-catching holo manicure.


Black and White Glam

Black and White Glam What can I say - I am a classic sort of gal! It seems that these rather unimaginative color choices I tend to love the most really work this year, though, so cheers to that. Seriously, the contrast between these basic colors isn’t only totally glamorous and foolproof, but one of the biggest summer 2013 trends as a bonus. With that said, I must point out how much I love this Yohji Yamamoto dress! What do you say?



Pastels Pastels are still going strong, ladies! And isn’t that a great piece of news? I’m sure you purchased at least one pastel-colored item last year and are dying to wear it this season! I’m definitely going to enjoy my limited number of pastels too, and I’m even thinking about re-stocking on some cool, easy to match pieces. A mint green loose shirt, for example…now that would be a great purchase! And how about a pastel nail polish, too?


Pencil Skirts

Pencil Skirts Classy, sassy and always trendy – a pencil skirt is an item a girl should invest in no questions asked because she’ll get to enjoy it pretty much every season. Black and white are good basics for sure, a trendy black and white mix would be a nice way to pull off a stylish classic look but what I really love at this point are pencil skirts that are not decidedly classy but can be dressed up or down for a number of various occasions. Check out this McQ skirt, for example – now that’s exactly what I’m talking about. Fun, trendy, versatile!


Fifties Fashion

Fifties Fashion Glamorous, girly but utterly un-showy, fifties-inspired fashion trends make choosing a stunning special occasion outfit a piece of cake. Romantic lace, delicate eyelet embroidery, figure flattering cuts – how can you not love all of those?! Here, check out this girly Tahari peplum dress! Now that’s some serious crush-worthy material.



Brocade Last but not least, a frilly trend most of us have been more than happy to welcome! Now, I know baroque-ish velvets are hardly a summer-friendly fabric but hey, at least brocade is not to be dismissed even in these hot days. Opt for a glam pair of black trousers such as these and you’re ready for any glam event summer has to offer!

What do you think, ladies? Hot or not? Now I know a lot of these aforementioned pieces are a bit pricey but trust me - where designers go, department stores follow. Pick a style you like and you'll have no problem finding a similar piece at Topshop, Zara, Forever 21 or, in case these brocade pants are what you like, H&M!

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I use many pastels cloths this summer.. My favs colors are: Peach & Mint!

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