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7 Daring Bold Color Trends for Summer to Watch out for ...

By Heather

Color trends for summer are hard to keep up with aren't they? Trends in general are hard to keep up with, but don't worry ladies, I've come up with the top 7 bold and beautiful color trends for summer that will help keep you in style and beautiful looking! Some of the color trends for summer include everything from daring citrus colors all the way to cherry red!

1 Citrus Colors

Oh, how I love citrus colors as one of the color trends for summer. These colors can be anything from lime green to lemon colors all the way to brilliant oranges. Personally, I love dresses in orange, lime green pumps and beautiful yellow tanks!

2 Bold Blues

Now, when I say bold, I really mean it! Bold blues as one of the color trends for summer include everything from neon blue all the way to cobalt blue! Even just a splash of bold blue can make any outfit pop!

3 Fuchsia Pink

You might already know this one because truthfully, fuchsia pink has been one of the color trends for summer for the past few summers, but it's just so beautiful! Whether you are throwing on pink pumps or putting together a beautiful bright pink outfit. This color will really make you stand out!

4 Electric Violet

This summer is going to be all about bright and brilliant colors, so if you are going to be wearing purple, you want to make sure that it stands out! Electric violet, bright and brilliant purple is totally in, lavender isn't. Make sure if you are following along with the color trends for summer, your purple is super bright!

5 Magenta

Magenta is actually a little more red than fuchsia and for that reason, it gets it's own category! Magenta is actually one of my favorite colors. It's so bright, so beautiful and looks great with any outfit or as any outfit!

6 Cherry Red

Cherry red is so, so pretty! Whether you are looking to stand out in a red dress or you want to throw it on as a blouse, any bit of red color is going to look beautiful and bold!

7 Coral Pink

Finally ladies, the last bold color that we are going to talk about is coral pink. This color to me stands out, it's a little more toned down than fuchsia but it does have some more orange tones to it. Personally, I have a ton of different coral pink shirts that I love to wear for a night out on the town or even to work!

So ladies, these are just a few of the color trends for summer that are incredible looking! Whether you are looking to stand out or you are just looking to spice up your wardrobe, these color trends for summer are just the thing! So ladies, what color trends for summer do you like? Do you have any favorite colors that you wear in the summer?

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