How to Safely and Stylishly Wear White after Labor Day ...

Good news – there are loads of great ways to wear white after Labor Day. Are you surprised? I know that in the past we were told to pack up the white and put it away until next spring, but that simply isn’t the case anymore. In fact, white is all over the place these days and that makes it such a fun thing for fall and winter. Check out these really cool ways to wear white after Labor Day.

1. Pants

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Pants are one of my favorite ways to wear white after Labor Day because they are so bright and neutral. You can pair anything with a pair of white pants and look together and polished. Try white slacks for the office paired with a blazer or nice sweater. Pull on white jeans for a trip to the mall or out to eat. You can wear a fitted t-shirt or a cute blouse and you’re ready to go.

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