7 Amazingly Stylish Ways to Wear Leggings ...


7 Amazingly Stylish Ways to Wear Leggings ...
7 Amazingly Stylish Ways to Wear Leggings ...

Leggings are incredibly stylish right now, but how to wear leggings without looking like a fool? I can help! After scouring all the fashion sites I could find, and checking out loads of celeb photos, I have a bunch of on-trend ways to wear leggings for women of all shapes and sizes. Here are 7 amazingly stylish ways to wear leggings.

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With a Tunic

I love the way a long tunic looks with leggings, with or without a belt to help define your waist. If you have print leggings, go with a solid color tunic; if your tunic has a print, then you'll have to opt for solid color leggings.


With a Maxi or Midi

I love wearing a pair of leggings under a maxi dress or skirt or a midi skirt. Especially in winter, it adds another layer of warmth and comfort, something tights or even knee socks just can't give you.


With Tall Boots

Leggings looks so stylish with tall boots! One caution, though: if you do decide to wear leggings with tall boots, make sure the boots fit well, and don't leave a large gap at the calf.


With a Sweater

The alpine-inspired look of a big sweater with leggings is completely on-trend right now, and it' such a cute look for the holidays! Add a scarf and mittens and boots, and you're ready to hit the slopes or the company holiday party!


With a Mini

This is a very sexy look, the leggings with a mini skirt, but if you have nice legs and a little extra confidence, go for it!


With Ankle Boots

This look is relatively new, but it's also quite stylish. Wear your favorite slouchy ankle boots with a flirty skirt and a pair of leggings and see how many compliments you get!


Combine Them!

Not sure which of these ways to wear leggings you want to try first? Why not combine a few of them, like a sweater and tall boots, or a mini and ankle boots?

Now you know why leggings are my favorite layer to wear this winter! Which of these ways, or combination of ways, is your favorite way to wear leggings? Or is there another way to wear leggings I didn't mention? Please share!

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