7 Exquisite Patterned Cardigans You Will Love ...


7 Exquisite Patterned Cardigans You Will Love ...
7 Exquisite Patterned Cardigans You Will Love ...

When it comes to beautifully patterned cardigans, my colorful closet certainly is not lacking. I love the elegant and trendy elements that these sweaters can add to any outfit. A fashionably printed cardigan can be worn as both a day and night look, showing how versatile this piece is. Stores such as Forever 21, Charlotte Russe, Urban Outfitters, ASOS, and Modcloth all carry an extensive collection. Regardless of if you are going for a simple or layered look, these exquisite patterned cardigans will have everyone taking notice of your eclectic style.

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Stripes As one of the trendiest prints in the fashion industry, it comes as no surprise that I have seen stripe patterned cardigans everywhere I go. Because stripes come in a broad range of sizes, they can be very flattering when paired with other stylishly cut pieces. I am a fan of small, horizontal stripes because of their ability to accent my favorite features.



Leopard This is one of my favorite patterns to turn to whenever I am stumped by an outfit. The bold contrast of the leopard print makes it incredibly accessible; it is easy to add depth to a solidly colored outfit by incorporating a leopard print cardigan. It definitely makes a statement on its own.


Polka Dots

Polka Dots I have to say that my obsession with polka dots may be getting out of hand. I recently found a black polka dot cardigan at a clothing stand and have not been able to put it down. Monochromatic polka dots can add a playful but fierce vibe to any outfit. Online clothing store Modcloth is one of your best bets for all things polka dot.



Tribal This next print has taken both the runway and streets by storm. I think that this is partly due to its bright and complex look. Tribal print often comes in a variety of colors; if done in moderation, this pattern can transform your overall style. Forever 21 has a vast clothing collection that features tribal print.



Stars I don't think that you can get more patriotic than a star patterned cardigan. Star print can infuse a certain level of playfulness into your style. If you are a fan of this fabulous pattern, you will be delighted to hear that Charlotte Russe carries this print on a variety of clothing items.



Floral From the way that this brightly hued pattern is constantly chosen by celebrities, it is safe to say that this may be one of the most coveted patterns. Because of the diversity found in the flowers, there are multiple ways to rock floral patterned cardigans. Any clothing store that you walk into is bound to have these types of cardigans.



Bird Last but not least, this is my all time favorite cardigan pattern. There's something about bird patterned clothing that leaves me feeling exuberant. I especially love seeing people pair bird print cardigans with an equally bold dress as it adds dimension to your look.

These patterns skim the surface of the amount of printed cardigans available in today's clothing market. My closet is overflowing with these marvelous and trendy designs; I look forward to finding more pieces to complement my style. What are some of the key patterns that you find yourself rocking? Where do you shop for your patterned cardigans?

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