7 Adorably Stylish Mohair Fluffs to Shop for This Season ...


7 Adorably Stylish Mohair Fluffs to Shop for This Season ...
7 Adorably Stylish Mohair Fluffs to Shop for This Season ...

Mohair fluffs are this season’s must try, a stylish way to keep warm and a purchase you will never ever regret. Some love them classy, some love them chic, some love them oversized and I….I just love them all! Think you may be able to squeeze in another fashion-related purchase before the Christmas shopping craze ends? Well, here are a few gorgeous mohair fluffs for you to check out:

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Fuzz & Glitz

Fuzz & Glitz Who says mohair fluffs can’t be glam?! Think again, because this fabulous Preen sweater promises great many wears and super chic outfits, helping you rock the mohair trend not just anywhere but any way you choose. Wear it over a white shirt for a day at the office, pair it up with a leather pencil skirt for a stylish outing or opt for skinny jeans and biker boots for an ubercool urban look loved by fashion magazines worldwide.


Jewel Tones

Jewel Tones Super warm, super fuzzy and super easy to match – this is one of those mohair sweaters I wouldn’t know whether to pet or wear. Hope some of you ladies out there share my obsession with jewel tones and think this Sandwich mohair fluff is just too good!


Fun & Playful

Fun & Playful Being a vegan doesn’t mean you have to forgo the mohair trend – not with so many great-looking, budget-friendly replacements. And, speaking about those, how great is this Forever 21 sweater?! Love the trendy, easy to match black&white combo, fun polka dots and a fuzzy, mohair-like knit.


Like a Flower Petal

Like a Flower Petal Delicate, French-y chic sounds even better when you know no poor animal had to lose its fur for your sake – doesn’t it? Well, here’s another great Forever 21 find to help you keep warm and trendy this year without breaking the bank! And may I just add how much I love this particular powdery pink shade? So delicate, so girly, so chic!


Winter Whites

Winter Whites Pure, snow-white pieces are said to be hot this season, all thanks to that old “No white after Labor Day” rule being finally gone. Why not celebrate it with this trendy, delicate piece of fluff right here? Look this chic angora blend sweater up at H&M, pair it up with your favorite skirt and voila – a star is born. I need to visit H&M ASAP because, surely, a gorgeous, on trend piece such as this one will not remain in stock for too long!



Meow Casual or chic – the choice is yours. I could totally see this sweater with a pair of jeans but think it would look absolutely awesome with a skirt, too! What about you? Would you dare to wear this animal print to work, like it because it gives a casual outfit a trendy note or love it because it’s super versatile and super warm?


Parisian Chic

Parisian Chic Oh la la! Now, I know this post should be all about awesome mohair and mohair-like sweaters but I just couldn’t resist this beret! Trust me, it’s such a worthy investment, not only because a beret is always a chic winter accessory, but also because I have a similar piece myself and know how warm, soft and adorably fluffy these things are. Check it out on Lyst, visit your Oasis retailer and see for yourself.

Will mohair sweaters find their way to your list of must-do winter trends and are there any other fluffy accessories you might consider adding to you collection?

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Do you know what these animals have to endure for these sweaters? I'm sure if any of you researched or seen how the skin animals alive you'd think twice about contributing to such animal cruelty. Many well known brands have actually stopped selling clothing made of this. Zara is the only store who hasn't. We need to boycott Zara.

I only like 2. And 4.

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