10 Fab Style Blogs from New Zealand ...


10 Fab Style Blogs from New Zealand ...
10 Fab Style Blogs from New Zealand ...

Style Blogs from New Zealand are managed by fashionable people who live or are from this part of the world. This little list of style blogs from New Zealand cover several aspects of fashion. We have some that are personal fashion blogs. Some of these style blogs from New Zealand are slso the street style types. The rest take after your typical online fashion magazine. We have a good list here, I tell you. Let's check them out!

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FOUREYES This is a style blog from New Zealand that focuses on street fashion. There are several reasons why it's a fantastic Kiwi blog. 1. The photos are phenomenal. 2. The words that go with the photos are informative. You know that they are written by people who know and LOVE fashion. 3. The bloggers provide links to the items worn by the people photographed. And finally, the bloggers (all 4 guys) are quite stylish, too.


Isaac Likes

Isaac Likes Giving us a great combination of street and runway photos, this is a great style blog from NZ that you must follow. I am loving the insights that come with every post; you can tell that this is a blog managed by someone who keeps fashion close to his heart.


Fashion Westie The lady behind this blog loves style, converse shoes, menswear-inspired fashion, and being all kinds of adorable. She shares: As a kid, drew dresses on old reams of computer paper printouts with Stephen's Felt Tips and dressed dolls with anything from toilet paper and sticky tape to pieces ripped off Mums net curtains [and blamed the cats].


Street and City Photos Want to check out the fashionable people who strut the streets of Auckland and other cities of New Zealand? Then this is the blog for you. This is one of the** style blogs from New Zealand** that features street fashion.


Katherine is Awesome Katherine is indeed awesome and funny and adorable but she insists that she had nothing to do with choosing her domain name. The blog will fill you in on fashion finds and NZ Fashion Week news. The blog, Katherine says, is "a place to share the things I’ve seen and the things I like (or dislike)."


Rag Pony

Rag Pony Giving us a mix of personal style, runway photos, and other fashionable finds to check out, Rag Pony is a New Zealand style blog that you must bookmark. It's not surprising, really, that this blog is one of the best in NZ style since Emma studied fashion.


Style by Joanne Joanne is "a marketing-type who loves fashion, style, and lifestyle design." And her blog offers us outfit photos, beauty finds, and all things delightful.


Lost in the Haze If I were forced to choose a favorite among these style blogs from New Zealand, I'd go for Lost in the Haze. Why? Because Jo has a wonderful vintage style and I covet her shoes. Her photos are also incredibly dreamy and beautiful. Her blog is something you'd want to get lost in.


Pony Hunter

Pony Hunter If urban chic is more like your style, Pony Hunter is the NZ fashion blogger to follow. I get a young Kate Moss vibe from her.


Lani Says On top of fashion, Lani Says gives us music and food posts. If you love those and clothes, you will want to bookmark this blog right now. Go ahead, do it!

Hope you enjoyed this list of fab style blogs from New Zealand. If you think we missed some, please leave a comment. We'd love to make this list of style blogs from New Zealand grow.

Top Photo Credit: Lost in the Haze

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Love all the collections of that blog. I think it an ideal place to get the great idea to aware are selves with fashion updates.

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