10 Fabulous DIY Fashion Ideas ...


10 Fabulous DIY Fashion Ideas ...
10 Fabulous DIY Fashion Ideas ...

DIY Fashion Ideas are something that I really like to keep up with. The idea of being able to create amazing on-trend looks at a fraction of the cost is something that I’m sure would appeal to most of us. There are some DIY fashion ideas that are just too good not to share. Some of my personal favourites include glitter shoes and neon jewellery. Below are a few DIY fashion ideas that will hopefully pique your interest.

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Glitter Shoes

Glitter shoes are all the rage right now. Revamp an old or cheap pair of shoes by covering them in glitter. All that you need is glue, patience, and lots and lots of glitter.


Friendship Bracelets

The humble friendship bracelet is making a comeback. As far as DIY fashion ideas go, this is one of the simplest and most versatile. Plait together some colourful twine or fabric, and add charms and beads as you go.


Neon Necklace

Neon is a big trend right now and creating your own neon necklace is one of the more ingenious DIY fashion ideas out there. All you need is a suitable necklace and some neon spray paint. Ideally, paint the necklace white first to create a solid base. Spray on multiple light layers of neon paint and allow to dry between coats.


Raw Crystal Rings

Pick up some small raw crystals of your fancy from various gem stores or market stalls. Pick up some ring bases at a craft store and then use a heavy duty glue to glue the crystals into place. Wrap some metal wire around the crystal for added interest.


Feather Earrings

Feathers are an on-trend embellishment right now. Make your own pair of feather earrings by picking up some hook attachments at a craft store. Decorate them with feathers of your choice.


Lace Shorts

Some DIY fashion ideas, such as this one, requires basic sewing knowledge. Grab a pair of shorts and update them by sewing on a lace trim around the leg openings. Practice on a pair of old shorts to make sure you get it right on your ‘good’ pair.


Bolt Jewellery

I bet you never thought you’d need to hit the hardware store for DIY fashion ideas! Create cool bolt jewellery by threading thick cord through the centre of some shiny silver bolts. This works especially well with necklaces featuring a few bolts at the drop.


Studded Denim Shorts

Update your denim shorts by adding a studded patch pocket. The studded denim look was made popular by fashion house Balmain and is a continuing trend. Mark out where you want to place the studs and then pin them on to the denim.


Dip Dye T-Shirt

Creating a dip dye shirt may take some time and practice. Most dye packages will come with thorough instructions on proper dying procedures and care. Creating the dip dye effect involves submerging only one part of the shirt in the dye and then gradually fading the colour out.


Embellished Canvas Bag

Create a canvas bag of your own design. Using a plain canvas tote as a blank canvas, sew, pin, or glue on a range of embellishments of your choosing. Add beads for a tribal inspired look, pom-poms for something quirky, or bows for something more feminine.

These are just a selection of DIY fashion ideas creating buzz at the moment. You’ll find that a simple internet search can lead you to detailed instructions of many of these DIY fashion ideas. Do you have any favourite DIY fashion ideas that you’d like to share?

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You don't know what a bolt is do you?

love the shorts!

Now I'm of to make some of those rings! Thanks :-)

Ooh, I never thought of doing that with a bag -- that would take care of the problem of NEVER finding the design I want ANYWHERE.

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