8 Fashion Brands with Brilliant Blogs ...

Fashion brands with blogs are becoming more and more common. With the rise and popularity of fashion blogging, it was only a matter of time before fashion brands got on board with their own dedicated blogs. Content on these blogs may vary from moodboards to behind-the-scenes photos to streetstyle snaps. While the content may vary, what we do know is that a fashion brand with a blog can be a powerful marketing tool. Take a look at some popular brands with fashion blogs, below.

1. Topshop – inside out

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Topshop have really outdone themselves as one of the better fashion brands with blogs. The β€˜Inside Out’ blog details the brand’s inspirations as well as behind the scenes shots and sneak previews of seasonal collections. The content not only makes for an interesting read, it’s visually pleasing as well. This blog is a great place to gain some insight into the goings on of the Topshop brand.

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