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While Hollywood is filled with tons of fashion icons, a lot of them are too adult like or scandalous to be good fashion role models for your daughter. It is important for your daughter to have good fashion icons because her style growing up will influence her style as an adult. You want to teach her the appropriate ways to dress while still letting her choose her own unique style. Ranging from young to old, here are some of the best fashion icons for your daughter to look up to.

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The Obama Girls

The Obama Girls While some fashionistas focus on Michelle Obama, the Obama girls are the perfect fashion icons for your daughter. Sasha and Malia dress like miniature versions of their mother, but in an age-appropriate way. They have evolved from young girls into young women in a fashion forward way. They can be seen in shift dresses and pea coats at their father's presidential events, but opt for more relaxed, younger-looking outfits like jeans and cardigans for a casual look.


Emma Watson

Emma Watson Emma Watson has never been the celebrity to flash too much skin and that is a style rule you want to instill in your daughter early on. She has always dressed modestly while still being able to be sexy. When your daughter reaches that age where she wants to start dressing to impress boys, it is important to teach her that flashing skin is not the right way to go about it. Emma dresses for no one but herself and that is the best thing to look for in fashion icons.


Kate Middleton

Kate Middleton Similar to Emma Watson, Kate Middleton has never flashed her skin. She is always well put together and modest. If your daughter is more of a girly-girl, she will love to wear dresses like Kate is known for. Kate knows how to dress modestly and fashionably while still flattering her body type.


Jackie Kennedy

Jackie Kennedy Jackie Kennedy was the pinnacle of preppy and lady-like fashion. She never had a curl out of place and always dressed for the occasion. Jackie Kennedy is a great style icon for your daughter because she was confident in her clothing choices and used her clothing as an extension of her personality.


Suri Cruise

Suri Cruise Suri Cruise is only 7 years old and she is already on fashionistas' watches around the country. If you have a younger child, Suri is a great fashion icon because your daughter can relate to her. Suri dresses for play dates, gymnastic lessons, and a wide variety of activities that your daughter probably has an interest in. She tends to ware a lot of cute dresses with leggings underneath and she loves to accessorize.


Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift If you want your daughter's style to emulate the classic All-American, girl-next door style, look no further than Taylor Swift. She is America’s Sweetheart and she knows how to dress the part for it. She prefers comfortable jeans, cozy sweaters, and adorable dresses for her every day looks.


Hailee Steinfeld

Hailee Steinfeld If your daughter is bit more out going with her fashion sense, she should have Hailee Steinfeld as one of her top fashion icons. She is only 14 years old and she is already one of the most respected fashion icons in Hollywood. She can always be seen in fun and bold patterns and loves to take risks with her outfits. She is a great style icon if you want your daughter to use her sense of fashion as an art form.


Lauren Conrad

Lauren Conrad I don’t think I have ever seen Lauren Conrad in an outfit that wasn’t 100% adorable. She is the perfect style icon for your daughter because she aspires to be comfortable yet chic in all she wears. As a young girl running around, comfort is key. It is important for your daughter to know that she does not have to sacrifice one for the other.


Zooey Deschanel

Zooey Deschanel Zooey Deschanel has some of the quirkiest yet most adorable outfits out there. She has a young-girl vibe to her wardrobe, which makes her the perfect fashion icon for your daughter. She is not afraid to wear bright, bold, and quirky outfits that others might consider childish. But she is happy in what she wears and that is all that matters.

The best thing about all of these fashion icons is that they dress to feel comfortable and confident, and that is the best thing to teach your daughter about clothes. The best fashion icons are the ones who take clothes to a whole new level rather than wearing what looks best. What did you think of these fashion icons for your daughter? Are there other fashion icons you want your daughter to look up to? What makes these celebs such good fashion icons?

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Why is Taylor Swift called a role model? And why is she called "America's sweetheart?" She's been with so many men, I'm not sure how that makes her a role model or a sweetheart.

No way. This list isnt iconic. Its moronic.

Zoe deschanels eye color is so gross and fugly! ugh she has other nice features. just can't stand her weird eyes


I love the Obama girls, Emma Watson, Kate Middleton, and Taylor Swift!!! Amazing fashion!!!

This article is so damn stupid

"a lot of them are too adult like or scandalous to be good fashion role models for your daughter" - this blatantly states that the daughter if whomever reads this article cannot have fashion role models that are adult like or are scandalous. The author has no right to exercise authority of so many girls and tell them who they can and cannot look up to fashion-wise. Considering Miley Cyrus is often seen wearing almost no clothing, I would like to use her as an example of someone that the author does not believe girls can look up to as a fashion role model. There are girls who don't like her taste or choice of wardrobe, which is wonderful. They have their own opinions and are allowed to express them. But there are also girls who look up to Miley because they see certain qualities in her that they admire. Maybe they appreciate how she goes without covering her body because it encourages then to be more confident of themselves and not to hide behind clothing. Maybe they love her haircut because it is daring and individualistic. Just because she is seen as scandalous does not make it acceptable for anyone to declare that she should not and cannot be a fashion role model for girls. This applies to every single person in the world. People should be inspired by what they see, not judgemental or discriminatory. "Emma Watson has never been the celebrity to flash too much skin and that is a style rule you want to instill in your daughter early on" - the fact that the author says that there are style rules to instill in your daughter is a terrible thing to say. No child should ever have to dress a certain way because their parents ingrained a style into their minds. Women have every right to self-expression and by saying that there are rules and requirements can completely destroy self-esteem and individuality. "Kate Middleton has never flashed her skin" - Showing skin is not a bad thing. Just because Kate Middleton seldom wears revealing clothing does not mean that everyone must follow in her footsteps. If that were the case, no one would have and individuality. Why is the author of this article trying to make rules for anyone other than herself? If she does not want to wear revealing clothing, then I am proud of her for wearing what she feels comfortable in and I am happy she has found what she believes in. BUT it is completely out of line to instill that rule upon anyone else. Even if the author has her own daughter, she should not be required to wear a certain style. "If you want your daughter's style to emulate the classic All-American, girl-next door style" - A mother should not decide that they want their daughter to have a certain style and then force her to emulate it. Period.

wow everyone just calm your nipples wow not everyone is going to agree is just the author expressing her thought best everyone has different opinion and everyone make mistake,everyone on earth are human no one is perfect

Seriously? Jacqui O for the girls of today? Obama girls?? Taylor swift? Come on!!!!!

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